Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back to normality?

Well it looks like the party is over - after managing to work for an amazing 4 days in the whole of August, life returns to normal. It is now the run up to the new academic year, next stop Christmas!

But it's not really that bad - I love my job and the people I work with. I will be starting another year of studying which will be fun and everything else in life is looking good too, so what the heck!

Yep, life IS good!

This summer has felt like a real turning point for us. Things are on an upward curve that does not seem to have an end. Mind you, we started pretty low so there was a long way to go wasn't there?

This summer has seen me on something of a high, I can't remember the last time I felt this good about everything. I've been through Hell, kicked The Devil's ass and come out stronger than ever. Having wonderful blog friends DEFINITELY helped here, of course!

Life is good again, against all the odds.

So take heart - if things are feeling crappy at the moment remember that even the worst lows don't last for ever.

Love and hugs to you all!


Teresa said...

You just managed to send me something all the way from England...HAPPINESS!! The words you wrote, and knowing atleast some of their background, and seeing how happy you are now really spoke to me! I'm sitting here w/ a huge smile on my face after reading that and it just made my day...no my WEEK! It's contagious...keep spreding it! :)

terri said...

Best blog post ever! ***HUG***

I'm in one of those icky places today, and the last words in this post gave me a boost. Thank you!

kenady said...

Welcome back! so glad that things have turned around are heading in a good direction for you and yours! you definitely deserve it:) hugs to you!

Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Yes, I know that you are in a tough patch right now, but keep going and you will come through it too.

Terri - Thanks! What a great way to come back, huh?

Kenady - Thanks! Hugging you right back!

Teresa said...

Actually it's not a tough patch at all...we honesty feel that this is the best thing EVER...for real. Yes, we have to watch what we spend etc. but that's no big deal. Things could not be better for us!

Rock Chef said...

Teresa - As I found when I visited your blog! It was so good to see that!

Sid said...

Hmmm I'm glad that you're in a better place.

Also ... I'm so envious that you had the chance to experience summer. It's been storming like crazy for the last few days.

Kiki said...

RC, That is so great....I'm so glad that you are coming out the other side and spreading your joy!!! That is awesome!!!

I think that you are amazing and that in the midst of perhaps what were some sad moments for you, you always managed to comfort me....it was your kindness and that of Teresa, Kenady and Terri that really got me through some tough times....I'll be forever grateful that you guys wrapped your arms around me and sent me strength to get through the tears!!!

So thank you!!!

Sitting In Silence said...

Awwwwwwww beautiful post CRC...x