Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday already?!?!?!?!?

Yep, I guess so!

I have been run off my feet this week - having 2 weeks off meant that I had a load of stuff waiting for me when I came in on Monday. Add to that the fact that I was in London on Wednesday and that doesn't leave much time! Ah well.

And now I am off again! Back to the campsite next week for more outdoor fun and games! I wonder who will be at the site this time?

Last time we had a few characters.

There was an older couple that Custard the dog instantly took a dislike to. He doesn't often dislike people but when he does there usually turns out to be a good reason. My daughter decided that the man had brought his wife camping so that he could kill her and bury her body in the woods, and every time she saw him alone she said he had done it and we needed to call the Police.

There was a young couple with the smallest tent that I have ever seen. They spent most of the time making out on the grass, with the guy looking 100 times more into it than the girl did.

Then there was a couple of guys sharing a tent. Conjecture as to whether they were gay or not was soon ended when they kissed and skipped off down the field, hand in hand.

We have some friends coming around for dinner tonight. As I am at work, Mrs RC has had to do most of the cooking for this, but inspired by Terri, I put on a load of Italian meatballs in the slow cooker first thing this morning. I have never done this before, but apparently it is looking and smelling really good so fingers crossed!

Have a good week! Sorry to say I haven't done scheduled posts for next week, but I think I can slack off with a clear conscience!


OK, final thought and I can't help getting a bit political. The Locherbie Bomber gets sent home on compassionate grounds and arrives in Libya to a heroe's welcome. He should have just been left to rot in his cell, IMO. Better stop here...


terri said...

OK, I definitely want to go camping if for no other reason than to meet such interesting characters. Your daughter has a great imagination, doesn't she? Enjoy round two!

Hope your meatballs turn out awesome!

Per Day Mahmoud Ghoochani said...

By the good I see your banners. Well done.
I blog over to try and comment about it I have.

Sitting In Silence said...

And that there is why I hate camping so much....your daughter is right LOL !
Those tents are just not safe anymore lol...

agg79 said...

You meet the nicest people out in the wild where just a few millimeters of nylon separate you from the outside world. Nothing brings you closer to your neighbors that camping. Sounds like you had more drama and entertainment that you can find on cable.