Thursday, 3 September 2009

Sometimes it is embarassing to be a guy...-

The things that guys do in a desperate attempt to impress women...

Do they really work?

Does the sight of a middle-aged guy with a hair-piece really get the girls excited?

Does the spotty teenager in the rusty car that screeches around every corner really get any?

Are women really taken in by blatant BS?

Do women leap into bed with the guy in the sports car with the number plate that reads

A11 COX ?

(I saw this one this morning!)

Please tell me!

I just find it embarassing to be a guy when I see this stuff...


agg79 said...

Oh yea! THAT really works. Putting spinners and a killer sound system on the '96 Geo Metro really draws in babes. Just wait until I get my new plates (STUDD) and let the party begin!

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - Make sure you post a pic when you get the new plates!

terri said...

There's no one I've ever known to fall for these tactics, but there must be some women out there who go for it. Otherwise, why would we keep seeing this stuff? Oh well. For the rest of us, at least it's great entertainment!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Yes, I guess it must work from time to time! Sad, eh?

Sitting In Silence said...

No No No and ummmmm Maybe LMAO...x

Ali said...

Roadkill on your noggin is SO not sexy.

No, he doesn't.

Dumb women are, yes.

Definitely not - he leaps into bed with his hand :)

At least to me, none of that crap works. You've gotta win me over with more than that, and it has more to do with personality than anything.