Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Man's Best Friend

For some time now, we have been walking my dad's dog for him.

Spot is a small white Jack Russell.

He used to be very timid and frightened of everything. At one point the vet said that he was so nervous it would be kinder to have him put down than to keep him!

Gradually he became less nervous.

Then we started walking him with Custard. Having this huge friend for back-up seemed to give him new confidence, and he is now the most bolshi, head-strong dog you could ever wish to meet. He has even started doing that strutting, scratching the grass with his back legs thing after he has done a poop!

So, back to Monday evening, walking the dogs. Everything was going as normal, sniffing, peeing (the dogs, not me), meeting other dogs.

Then Spot stopped for his second poop of the evening.

It was huge. I swear he got thinner as he did it. It was soft and curled round as he did it, like ice cream coming out of a machine.

Finally he finished.

He shook himself.

He kicked his back legs.

His feet hit the poop, spraying it in an arc behind him.

Guess where I was standing at this precise moment.


It was on my trainers, my trousers, my t-shirt and even one of my arms!

Is this the thanks I get for all that I have done for him?

I guess so!


agg79 said...

Sometimes you're the dog, Sometimes your're the fire hydrant (although, a different analogy for your situation might be more appropriate). THAT'S why I never stand in the "line of fire" when it comes to dogs & horses doing their duty. Thanks for the great visual. You make Spot sound like a regular poop artiste.

Sid said...


Michele said...

That would have been my reaction!

kenady said...

YUCK!!!! maybe that's his way of saying "thanks"...

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - I think I have learnt my lesson about where to stand!

Sid - Exactly!

Michele - Mine was more one of "Great. I was supposed to go to the shop on the way home."

Kenady - Maybe, although as it is the first time it has ever happened to me this could mean that my dogs have been a very ungrateful bunch!

Ali said...


Gross!!! What's up with all the disgusting stuff? lol

Rock Chef said...

Ali - If you can't be funny, be disgusting instead!

Anonymous said...

Whew...when in the army, we had something we had to say before we fired a handheld rocket launcher.

We would turn behind us and say, "BACK BLAST AREA CLEAR!"

And then fire away.

terri said...

May I make a request? Next time can you post a "threat to contented dining" warning first? I was eating my dinner! LOL!

I would have freaked out if I had been on the receiving end of the poop!

Kiki said...

Bleck....I would have puked, I have a strong aversion to animal..."stuff"! Baby projectile vomiting, I'm your girl. Artery gushing blood, I'll apply direct pressure and call 911....but animal fluids....I'm out!!

Rock Chef said...

morethananelectrician - Nice comparison!

Terri - Ew, sorry about that! I will try to remember next time.

Kiki - FUnny how different things affect us, isn't it? If I ever sever an artery I will give you a call!

Sitting In Silence said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so gross...LMAO