Monday, 16 November 2015

For now...

...enjoy this:

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life, eh?

The weekend started off well enough - a great day on Saturday playing Star Wars games.  I came last (my fleet was designed for fun not winning) but had an amazing time doing it.

Then, on Sunday morning, it all went pear shaped.  My mum had a fall and broke her leg.  Into hospital, metal rod screwed in place by mid afternoon, all seemed as good as it could be.  With luck she would be home by next weekend.  Except now they are saying probably another week or two, as they don't think she is improving fast enough.  Really?  She has arthritis in both knees and now has a broken leg to recover from, how much do they expect from her?  We have got her dog, Spot (previously my dad's dog, they divorced years ago but stayed on reasonably good terms) living with us now and have offered to have her stay with us for a while too if necessary, so we will see.

Our dogs seem happy enough to have the visitor staying with us, although from time to time we do catch Frou Frou with a sort of "Is he STILL here?" expression on her face.  She is a funny little thing.  At least he seems to be distracting her from trying to bite the young fish through the fish tank's glass.  It is a wonder she hasn't chipped a tooth!

Ah well, more soon.  Have a good week!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Poor Neglected Blog...

Back for another visit to my poor, tumbleweed infested blog.

What has been happening in the world of RC?



Yes, we have had a plague ravaging the house.  Mrs RC is in her third week of feeling bad, I am in my second week, thought I had shaken it but it is still lingering.

We had a parents evening at school for Arnie, our youngest.  Mrs RC usually goes, but as she was deep in the misery of flu I went along instead.  Nothing but praise for our guy (forgot the Proud Parent Warning, sorry!).  But he is doing a great job, getting his work done in good time, getting to the gym, having a social life.  He even took one of the teachers to task for being late giving out some homework because it messed with his timetable!

England seems to have a blanket of fog at the moment, there are some great photos showing just the tops of London's tallest buildings poking out of it, eg...

It is pretty think, often dropping visibility to about 50 yards, which makes the roads a bit dicey at times!

Had a good ride in the fog on Sunday.  I had been planning a day with lots of rest, but early on the light tube in the main bathroom died, so I decided to go for a stroll down to the local hardware shop to buy a replacement.  I ambled down there only to find they were out of stock, so I ambled back home again.

The next nearest hardware store is about 2 miles away, or 3 if you take the meandering lanes which are much safer in the fog.  So I jumped on my bike, peddled over (following the lanes for safety), bought the tube and peddled back again.

As soon as I took the tube out of the box I knew it wasn't right.  They are not supposed to rattle!

So back to the shop, along the lanes again, grabbing a replacement that did not rattle (4th time lucky!), and then home again.

This one did keep me hanging for a couple of minutes before it actually came on, but it did work in the end.

By this time it was mid afternoon, and Mrs RC was just putting a huge roast dinner on the table, so all was well in the end.  And no one had to have a bath in the dark that night...