Monday, 7 September 2009

The Horror, Part 2

"I started by asking close friends if they knew anything about it, but they either knew no more than I did or laughed at me for wanting to know more. They thought that such things should be left alone.

"I searched for clues and evidence. Books, movies, newspapers, magazines, but found only an elaborate smokescreen of misdirection. THEY could not hide its existence, but they were very good at hiding its exact nature.

"Once, in wild desperation, I asked one of THEM if they would just tell me about it. They smiled sadly at me and informed me that they could tell me, but would then be obliged to kill me. In some ways I think that might have been the better option to what finally happened!"

The patient was now on his feet, pacing around the room, glancing furtively out of the window.

"Eventually, I decided that the only way was to see the truth for myself. I picked one of THEM, and spied on them, listening to secretive conversations as THEY planned their meetings. Eventually I found out where and when THEY would meet up. It was my big chance!

"I arrived at the location early, quietly entering through an open window and finding what I thought was a good hiding place. I would be able to see everything that happened without being spotted. What a fool I was!"

The patient returned to his seat, and began staring at the floor, rocking fast. Cold sweat began to trickle down his face as he tried to control his fear.

"They arrived. A few at first, and then more until the room was full. There must have been seven or eight of them in the end. It was horrible! The happy chatter and laughter covering up the true horror of what they were doing - unspeakable acts that no man is supposed to see - not if he wishes to remain sane! I saw it all and struggled to stifle my whimpers and cries. I failed.

"Oh the delighted shrieks of joy when they discovered my hiding place!"

The patient leaped to his feet, rushing to the window. For a moment the Doctor thought that he was about to hurl himself through the glass, but he stopped short, turning to face the Doctor, his face distorted as if in unimaginable physical pain.

"They forced me to join in! I tried to resist, but it was useless." He collapsed onto the floor, sobbing, a broken man.

The Doctor cleared his throat.

"There is just one thing that I need you to tell me. Just what was it that you saw? What were they doing?"

It took the patient some time to recover enough to speak again. Eventually he looked up at the Doctor and spoke, a thin line of saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"It was-. It was...


Rock Chef said...


Sitting In Silence said...

PMSL>...I am so glad I was not the nurse on that day in the office..."sweating and rocking"...oh no... the poor guys is probably having an MI ! LOL
Although in reality...I would not be laughing...I would be running for the ECG machine LOL..

Sid said...

LOL! Girly time. I really, really loved this one. Kept wondering what would happen next, how it will all unfold ... Gripping stuff.

kenady said...

They made him join in!!! LOL!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

You needed a diminished 7th power chord to accompany that!

Rock Chef said...

SiS - Can you imagine the guy's reaction to nurses charging towards him?

Sid - Glad you enjoyed it!

Kenady - Yes, poor guy!

The Moody Minstrel - That would be a nice touch - or a fading shot if the guy in tears with a Spice Girls song playing...

Ali said...

I loved this story!!!

But I have to tell you...deep down...any guy would secretly LOVE to be involved in girly time.

At least in the pillow fights...

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Glad you enjoyed it. Pillow fights - all part of that web of mis-direction! If not, I want in!

Michele said...

HaHaHa! I was actually thinking "Slumber Party"! Girly Time is really close.
My brother (when I was young) and later my husband were mystified by the secrets associated with "The Slumber Party".
That much Estrogen with nowhere to hide. Must have been HORROR-able! LOL

Rock Chef said...

Michele - You guessed there would be a silly ending! Well done! Girly Time - Slumber Party - all part of the same thing IMO!

terri said...

Awesome! I never saw it coming! Love the gripping suspense of this story... more! MORE!