Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Washed Out...

Last week, my part of England had very miserable weather, but as the weekend rolled it everything cheered up, with the sun starting to break through the clouds and the temperatures rising to something reasonable for the time of year.

This was spoiled for me on Sunday when a stomach bug arrived and kept me trotting to the loo all day.

Yesterday I was still trying to shake it off, so called in sick and spent the day trying to rest and revitalise myself.  More or less managed it, but I am still feeling a bit under the weather today.

I am now waiting to go out for my Tuesday evening of games, but a thunderstorm just rolled through and caused a bunch of sudden localised flooding around the place.  Hopefully things will have drained before I have to leave, as I will be getting very wet trying to retrieve my bike if not!

Number One Son has now finished his Masters, and is very confident of getting a good overall grade.  He is now having a short holiday with a few friends before we bring him home.  Can't wait.

Our daughter has also had good things happening, making it clear that leaving her job was a good move.  She has been accepted at the Uni that I work at, studying Criminal Psychology and Forensic Investigation.  This means that she can live at home while studying, which will save a load of money for all of us.  Mrs RC is also fascinated by the psychology part of this course so wants to read her books too!  Also, given that my Masters will be focussing on Anti-Social Behaviour, there will be a lot of crime study going on at home come the Autumn!

Hm, looks like the rain has passed, hope the drains are working...