Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lies, Damn Lies and the Beauty Industry

OK, we all know that the beauty industry tells lies:

  • Use this mascara and your lashes will be 3 feet long!

  • Use this cream and you will look 500 years younger!

  • Use this hair conditioner and your hair will look like the wig on this famous actress!

And so it goes on.

But I heard a real corker the other morning! It was a woman who worked for Chanel talking about face wrinkles.

Do you know what she said was a major cause of wrinkles?

Her new scapegoat?

The mother of all evil?


Yes, sugar!

Now I don't want to come on all boastful, but I eat and drink a stupid amount of sugar each day, but I don't think I have that many wrinkles. OK, I'm not the most handsome hunk around, but I don't look like this:

which I would do if sugar caused wrinkles!
Do you have a favourite Beauty Industry lie?


terri said...

I was a sucker and bought the Smooth Away. And let me just tell you, the only way to get rid of the hair on your legs is just to shave it off!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - what about those thingies that rip the hairs out? Or waxing?

wigsf said...

Apparently, there's this new electric shaver that is waterproof, holds it's charge longer, is smaller than a regular electric shaver and cuts as smooth as trad. razors. I don't believe it.

Kate said...

Cold water is great for skin tone (but I think that's really true), so at the end of every shower I blast the cold water for a few minutes.

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - Hi! But it sounds so good! Thousands will buy it!

Kate - I am sure that this really is true! Not that I am brave enough to do what you do...

agg79 said...

No beauty tips from my end. Now if you want to talk about hair restoration solutions, I know a few that will raise your hair.