Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Long Haul

Took Number One Son back to Uni on Sunday, a round trip of a little over 600 miles.  My butt is still recovering from sitting down for so long...

The traffic going up was pretty good, except for one incident.  We were rolling along merrily, over half way there.  All I did was say how good the traffic was being.

I caught the look from by brother who was driving.

Then I realised that there was no traffic coming the other way.  Not a good sign.  Within seconds our side of the road had ground to a halt, and then crawled for a couple of miles.  We then reached the crash site, which had just been cleared, and everything moved off as normal again.  The blockage on our side seemed to be solely caused by people "rubber-necking"!

The Uni was reasonably quiet when we arrived.  The Saturday had been the big arrival day, so we dodged a bullet there!  My son is back in the same room as last year, which was rather nice for him.  We quickly unloaded, then headed to get some lunch at a pub that we are starting to feel like regulars at.  Then is was time to say goodbye and head southwards for home.  The return traffic was rather less pleasant, but not the worst we have experienced, but we passed the time in the usual way with a constant stream of chatter about everything from Syria to queuing in shops.

I had the foresight to book Monday as holiday, so I had a bit of a laying, then Mrs RC and I went out for breakfast that had become lunch by the time we arrived.  Having eaten we then did a bit of shopping before heading home for a fairly lazy afternoon and evening! 

I totally slept through the red moon thing that happened, it was at its best over here between 3am and dawn, which is not a time that I tend to be awake.  Never mind, my camera is not great for that sort of shot anyway...

Hope you are having a great week!  More soon.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Life seems to revolve around animals at the moment.

The baby fish are growing rapidly, and are now clearly fish, even if you can see through them.

 Finally got a photo or 2 of Mr Chuffington.  I had to dig him out of his bed so we could move everything around in the rabbit/hedgehog area.  He was not happy but refrained from hissing at me.

The bugs are having a final harvest as the flowers reach their end and autumn moves in.

I got up early this morning and walked the dogs.  Not my favourite way of spending Sunday mornings, but I did find this little dew covered guy whose web was sporting a rainbow.  I love this pic, one of the best I have ever taken, IMO.

So, the weekend drifts to an end and work awaits again on Monday.  It is Freshers Week, so mayhem awaits...

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Remember me?

Wow, is it really that long since I posted last?

Been ridiculously busy, work has been insane but I am coming out of it all smelling of roses, which is nice!

Anything worth mentioning?


Oh, the baby fish are continuing to grow and thrive, although at amazingly varied rates.  Some don't seem to have grown much at all, still looking like little tadpoles, but others have grown into real fish, about half an inch long now, with fins, tails and everything.  I will try to get some more photos soon.

Arnie, our younger son, is back at school again working on his A Levels which he will finish when he is 18 and ready for Uni.  Seems to be enjoying it, a lot of his friends are doing the same thing, plus there are a few more that have moved across from other schools.  He has already met up with someone that he went to junior school with but they then went to different schools when they turned 11.  Also he does not have to wear school uniform any more, which he likes.  No more blazers with school badges!  He is a grown up!

My bike was getting a bit creaky and rattly (??) so I decided something needed to be done.  I love that bike and did not want to replace it, so I paid for it to be completely stripped down and rebuilt.  It was not as expensive as I had expected it to be and the result is fantastic - like riding a brand new bike, except it is my old faithful.  Think it might need some new pedals in the near future, though...

So, that is about it right now, more soon, I hope!  Time to catch up on reading blogs too!