Friday, 4 September 2009

The Horror...

The doctor settled into his chair, resting his notebook on his knee. After a short pause he glanced across at the patient, who sat on the edge of his chair, rocking slightly in his straight-jacket.

"So, Mr Russell, how are you feeling today?"

The patient continued to stare at the floor, rocking gently.

"Hm, you still don't want to talk about it? We have been doing this for 3 years, now, there must be something that you can remember, that you want to share with me. Tell me. How did it all start?"

The patient suddenly stopped mid rock, and fixed the doctor with a re-eyed, piercing stare.

"You really want me to tell you? You really want to know? I've seen things that no man was ever supposed to see! I know secrets that no man was ever supposed to know! DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO TELL YOU?"

"Yes, Mr Russell", replied the doctor calmly. "Yes, I do!"

A bitter smile crossed the patient's lips.

"I thought I wanted to know, too. Curious at first, I now know that it was only madness that pushed me on. It all started innocently enough. I had heard hints about it - half heard, whispered conversations that would suddenly stop as I drew near. What was the secret, what was the truth? I had to know!"

To be continued....


terri said...

What? You're just going to leave me hanging like that???

Rock Chef said...

Sorry, ran out of time! Will finish on Monday!

Michele said...

Ahhhrg! I hate it when the DVD is too scratched to be read by the machine! What do you mean you have no copies available till next week?! I have to wait till Monday to finish the scene? No! Nooo! NOOOOOooooo!

OK...I'm fine now! Nothing like a cliffhanger to get people to "tune in next week when...."!

kenady said...

oh come on!!!!

Sitting In Silence said...

No Fair ! cannie leave us hanging on that.....LOL X