Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday, AGAIN??????!!!!!

I swear that someone stole a couple of days this week!

Where did they go?

I am sure that it should only be Wednesday right now!

So come on, then, own up! Who had a couple of extra days, MY DAYS, this week?

I want them back!


Anyway, as a couple of people on Facebook pointed out, it DID make the weekend arrive nice and quickly so I guess I shouldn't throw too much of a tantrum...

The weekend?

Well we are having a spot of leisure shopping on Saturday, partly to finish buying birthday presents for my youngest. These are pretty much chosen but still lack something really silly and age appropriate. Will see what we can find.

Sunday sees us visiting Humphrey, my mom's pony again to do a few minor repairs to his stable. For a small, old pony he can still cause damage! Poor old thing. In fact, the vet recently told us that she thinks that this might be his last winter. I hope not, as he is a great character and we will miss him a lot.

Have a great weekend, more RC rubbish next week as my new year of studying really gets under way!


terri said...

I rarely feel the same way come Friday. I'm always happy to see Friday. It's the weekends that always feel like someone has stolen some days away from me.

wigsf said...

The weekend can never come soon enough for me. Right now, half an hour before quitting time at work and I'm just doing my pre-race stretching. Can't wait to hop of my brontosaurus and yell "Yabba dabba doo!"

tz said...

no kidding, how did friday get here so quickly!

and this weekend is going to be a blur of activity, i'm not sure i even want the weekend to start!

have a wonderful weekend

agg79 said...

Friday? Is it Friday already?
Dang. Where does the time go?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the peace & quiet. Just how old is Humphrey anyway?

jenelle said...

hope that it was a great weekend celebrating another birthday. I want to know who stole September?!

Sid said...

I only had 2 days of work last week =)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Oh I was glad to see the weekend, just a bit miffed that I had somehow missed a couple of days in the process!

wigsf - You have a brontosaurus?

tz - Hope you had a good weekend!

agg79 - Humphrey's age is a bit uncertain - out best guess is around 30.

Jenelle - Someone stole September too???!

Sid - Well I can only remember 3...