Monday, 20 July 2015

Another Proud Parent Moment...

On Sunday, we took our youngest (Arnie the power lifter) to his second competition.

He was not sure how he would get on, as the last couple of weeks had seen his sleep, exercise and diet regimes all somewhat out of whack.

On the train there he was red-eyed and dozing.

On arrival he was greeted enthusiastically, given a quick tour, some forms to fill in and weighed.  He came in a good few pounds under his category boundary, which made him happy.

Then Mrs RC and I found seats to watch while Arnie went to get warmed up.

They did two events. 

Bench-press, where you lie on your back, lower the weight bar to your chest and then push it back up again.  He managed 102.5kg (225.5 pounds).  This was the same as he did at his last competition back in Feb.

Then it was the Deadlift, where you grab the weight bar and then stand up straight.  Last time he lifted 202.5kg (445.5 pounds).  This time I thought he would try 205kg, but Mrs RC said he was hoping to lift 210kg (462 pounds).  Instead he went for 212.5kg (467.5 pounds, 2.5 times his own weight), the most he has ever lifted.  He has not even done that it training! 

And he did it - just!  I am sure that the cheering, screaming girls at the back had a lot to do with it...

He beat everyone close to his own age, and a lot of the older lifters too!  (The best lift by anyone all day was 270kg (594 pounds) by a guy in his mid 20s.)

So he now has his sights set on a regional competition in November.  He is aiming high for this one, looking to Deadlift 227.5kg (500.5 pounds).  500 pounds is a very symbolic number, I think.

Are we proud?

Is The Pope Catholic?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Random Photos

While out walking the dogs the other day, I stopped to take a pic of some of the grasses that have turned to some wonderful colours, only to find the even more wonderful spider getting into the shot!  A spider with camo is new to me!

This gull is now a fairly regular visitor to our front garden.  He is a tight fit onto this feeding table, but he seems to think it is worth the effort.

Another friend I made while walking the dogs.

Mrs RC has been hard at work in the garden.  This is a sheltered seating area for two that my mum has adopted for her and Spot.  In this pic she is sharing some sausages between the dogs.

Frou Frou on the bridge over our pond.

A vapourer moth caterpillar that has made its home in one of our plants.  An amazing looking thing, I am sure you will agree!  I was a bit worried by it but a friend of mine on Facebook told me what it is.

Finally, an example of the silliness that we get around here when it comes to cycle routes.  This insane arrangement saves the cyclist about 100 yards, but sends them into the face of oncoming traffic, with cars cutting across at 2 points in this short stretch. (It all looks quiet in the photo, but when it gets busy it can be very unpleasant.)

And, of course, this is just a tiny,isolated bit of cycle track, the orange bit is all there is.  I guess it is enough for the council to tick a box somewhere.  Needless to say, I will not be using this, I will go the extra 100 yards and stay safe...

Friday, 3 July 2015

More sharks..

Our town's shark problem just got worse...

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Town is Famous Again!

Following up its previous claim to fame for having the worst Christmas Tree in the country, my little town is in the national news again.

JAWS: ‘Great white shark’ spotted off Herne Bay coast causes exodus of terrified swimmers from sea

Could have been a horrific incident, you would have thought that this news would have spread like wildfire.

But, um, no.

My son spent the entire day at the beach and was totally unaware of this incident until I told him what I had seen on Facebook.

In reality, I suspect that it is either a large dog fish or a small basking shark, both of which are pretty harmless...

But it got us in the news again, and not because everyone is laughing at us!