Monday, 21 September 2009

Saved by the Barbie!!!!

Yesterday afternoon the electricity cut out.

No warning, no apparent reason. The weather was still and fairly warm, so it is not like the wind had brought down the lines or anything!

Half of the town was out.

Time ticked on, and still no power.

I finished painting my Madhists (see below) in fading sunlight.

The kids played on their Nintendo DS's and the laptop until the batteries faded.

We started to get hungry...

So, what to do?

Drag out the barbeque! I had stocked up on charcoal at the beginning of the month as stocks in the shops ran out - I even managed to get it half price! Yes, I found a bargain!

We had the meat for a good grill-up, so I mixed up some bread dough, fired up the coals and got making bread rolls, just like I did when we were camping. When they were done, it was on to the gammon slices, sausages (including some great looking apple and plum ones that vanished before I got to try one) and burgers. It was great! Had a real survivalist feel to it - yes, we will be OK when civilization comes crashing down around us!

Fortunately the power came back on just as we finished eating, so we were OK for lighting, TV, etc, for the evening.

Unfortunately, it seemed to do something to our water heating system so we are hoping that someone will get out today to sort it out - otherwise I will be in for a cold bath tonight :-(


terri said...

Way to make an adventure out of a major inconvenience!

I'm hungry now....

Kate said...

Here's me wondering when you're going to talk about the Barbie doll. DUH! Sorry, mommy brain.

Wreggie said...

Ah yes...the smells from the grill. My wife shuts down completely when we loose power. I bought a generator.

mr zig said...

great post... once I had a similar experience... no power first thing in the morning... had to boil water in a pot on the BBQ in order to make coffee :)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Yes, it was good fun.

Kate - We haven't had Barbie dolls around the house for a while now, although we still find the occasional shoe here and there.

Wreggie - You plug your wife into the generator????!?

Zig - And I bet it was great coffee too!

agg79 said...

Great job. Never let a little thing like a lack of electricity hold you back. Improvise, overcome & adapt!

We lived off of my BBQ grill for 10 days last fall during Ike, but at least we had hot water (thank goodness for gas).

Tthought about heating up some water on the grill?