Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I had a day off, yesterday.

My daughter was going to the cinema with the school (to see Ice Age 3) as a reward for being such a good pupil. This is an odd one, really. We have had letters saying that her attendence is not as good as they want it to be, but her work is faultless and she got this reward so things can't be that bad. We know that she has days off when she just wakes up feeling like crap, but after the way things went with our eldest daughter we just don't push things. Most parents are paranoid about their childrens' health - I guess we are even more so?

Anyway, after the movie she was going to be left in town, so I wanted to be around to meet her and come home with her. Work has been quiet - workwise, that is, the drilling in the foundations is less quiet - so I took the whole day and we decided to make the most of it.

Got the kids to school.

Walked the dogs (Custard and my dad's dog, Spot).

Collected my dad's pension for him.

Went shopping for party food.

Did the house work.

Were "married" to the sound of a distant thunderstorm, only for there to be a massive clap of thunder seemingly right overhead at the vital moment. Nearly died laughing at that!

Collected my daughter and walked her home while she told me about the insane nurse who had given her a jab that morning.

Apparently she stood there with a huge needle and told my daughter that she was tense, needed to "relax like a teenager".

"How do I do that?" Good question.

The nurse grabbed her by the shoulders and SHOOK HER!

"What are you doing?"

"Relaxing you."

"Well that really didn't work!"

The nurse then stabbed her in the arm, said "Oh", pulled it out and stabbed it in again in exactly the same spot! Nice!

Oh well, it is all done now.

Then in the evening we played Poker with the Michael Jackson tribute on TV. Brooke Shields talking about her friendship with Michael and Jermaine Jackson singing Smile had me going. A sad end to a very sad life, IMO!


Ali said...

"Were "married" to the sound of a distant thunderstorm, only for there to be a massive clap of thunder seemingly right overhead at the vital moment. Nearly died laughing at that!" that english talk for getting it on? Or is my mind just so far in the gutter that I can make a sexual innuendo out of anything these days?

Crap, I hope it's about

mr zig said...

oh those shoulder shaking nurses... :) I had one shake me as well (not recently - back when I was school aged) - and for the same reason - to jab me with a giant needle! I wonder if they read the same nurse's text book?

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Yes, it was about sex. It is a phrase that was coined by Teresa/Logziella a while back.

Zig - I think they must read the same book. Really relaxes you, huh?

terri said...

Ok, I'm getting old. Took me forever to catch on to the "married" remark! And then I had to go back and re-read it before that AHA moment hit.

Good lord!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - It wasn't THAT subtle, was it? But "Good Lord" is right! Fireworks? We got a clap of thunder! :-)

Kiki said...

Oh RC, I have missed you so!!!! You and your double entendres!!!

Rock Chef said...

Kiki - Missed you too! Yeah, maybe next time I will just say it straight! :-)

Michele said...

I don't feel so bad now. I was wondering where the whole 'married' thing was fitting into your afternoon. Scheesh! I need to find a man..... I am SO out of the sexual loop!

Next time, just say "it", OK? My brain just can't fold around things like it used to in the Good 'ol Days! lol

Rock Chef said...

Happy hunting! And don't buy the first one you see, make sure you test-drive a few first ;-)

Sitting In Silence said...

Since when you you drop the "S" Word, I thought I was on Ali's Blog LMAO....

Thank god you did not die of fright....crap imagine that ! LMAO

Alyssa said...

Have I mentioned lately I LOVE reading your blog?

I got the "married" phrase right away - does that make ME dirty minded? - and laughed outloud. What timing!

I've never had a nurse shake me though. I don't think it would be the least bit relaxing. But I don't know what would be. I'm a total screamer when it comes to needles. Nurses hate me. :)

Teresa said...

I knew EXACTLY what you were getting at when you wrote that! And how cool is that?! LOL!!

Why would a school nurse being using needles anyway? Immunizations?