Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A Song for Terri

Terri suggested that I write a song about someone who has got something stuck in their teeth and needs to floss. Well I DID ask for off the wall subjects for songs, I only have myself to blame!

This lunchtime I had a Weird Al Yankovic moment. As a result, this song sort of goes to the tune of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" (will need a rewrite to make if fit properly, but I hope you get the idea when you read it), with apologies to Teresa who still likes this song.

Floss Floss Baby

Feel the drum beatin'
As our eyes meet I know just what you're thinkin'

Pullin' you close
Our tongues entwine in our very first kiss and

What on earth is this?
Wedged right there in between your teeth?

How long's it been there?
Did no one teach you 'bout dental care?

Floss floss baby
It's time to
Floss floss baby


terri said...

OMG... I'm laughing/crying again! You are so good at this. I think you've found yet another one of your callings!

The Peach Tart said...

Oh bless your heart.

Kate said...

hahaha! great for teaching kids dental hygiene~

Anonymous said...

Oh...let me play...

All right stop, there will be no more kissin’

I’ve told you three times, but you just wont listen.

Something in is gonna have to get better

Because your whole mouth smells like cheddar

And what is this? A hunk of bacon?

Your breath has left me a-quakin’

I’m not tryin’ to be your boss

You’d better find some DENTAL FLOSS

Marie said...

That's really good. So funny.

Michele said...

I started singing this right here at work,and Joe just gave me the STRRAAANGEST look! Then, of course, I had to sing verse two form "more than an electrician"!

You two should get together and go on tour! LOL

James said...

two songs down in as many days. You are burnin' up you are so hot!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - So glad you liked it!

Peach Tart - It's been a long time since anyone said that about me!

Kate - I thought so!

Morethananelectrician - That was fantastic!

Marie - It's good to be silly!

Michele - OMG - we are going to get you certified!

James - Yep! Might tackle the British Rain song today!

Sitting In Silence said...

LMAO....and ewwwwwwwww all at the same time...
Funny As !