Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hot Stuff!

Today, I really feel like Hot Stuff!


Well, apart from the obvious:

Today is really hot! Today is apparently the hottest in 4 years! Yeah, I am loving it!

Tuesday I was at a school sports day, watching my youngest go through his paces. While watching, sitting in the sun for 3 hours, I fried my legs. My knees and lower thighs are bright red. Ugh! We make sure the kids are protected, but I forgot about me!



Teresa said...

You know...I rolled over in bed at like 5:19am this morning and I couldn't fall back asleep...I thought about you and how at 5:19am my time you are probably enjoying the middle of your day. Now I know. LOL!!!

And isn't it true that we definatley take care of the kids first and forget about ourselves...especially w/ sunscreen...can't tell you how many times I've done that!

terri said...

See? I told you you were Hot Stuff! :-)

I did the same thing last weekend while watching softball. It had been overcast and cool, then suddenly the sun appeared and BOOM! Sunburn.

agg79 said...

Even when the temps are cooler, you can get burned. Got a sunburn in Seattle last week while enjoying the clear skies.

Sitting In Silence said...

LOL...I just noticed your new heading....You are such a classic !