Monday, 20 July 2009

Be careful what you joke about...

Ali's comment about my Lies post (i.e. I had joked about lusting after peanut butter and she said she had heard about that sort of thing for real) got me thinking.

Have you ever joked about something with totally the wrong people?

I have.

One time I had just joined a new band and we were chatting away about various gigs we had done. I told them about one where the band I was in had supported another band. The other band had been really difficult, refusing to let us set up on "their" stage. So we built our own out of wooden pallets in front of it! (Our drummer worked for a trucking company). We played and then left, leaving them with a ton of wood to get rid of! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The guitarist looked at me.

"That was us!"


Come on, share one of yours!


Michele said...

Oh, all right! I'll go first. (You seem to have been met with a room of silence, RC!)

Whenever my oldest daughter would call me she would always preamble any news with "Guess what?"
Starting about the time she was 14 I would reply (hopefully jokingly) "You're pregnate!"

One phone call when she had just turned 20 started off in this way... and I was answered with a silent pause, then a drawn out "Wellllll..."

Yep, she was! No, she wasn't married. Lots to discuss.

Now I "play" the same game with my younger daughter (who is 21 in Aug). She just laughs at me and says she learned from her sister!!

terri said...

I don't think I've ever done that!

Anonymous said...

I think I am guilty of this a is hard not to joke about the wrong things. I do manage to a good job about not joking about personal things with people, but i am finding, as I get deeper into comedy, that it is easy to offend.

Rock Chef said...

Michele - A classic! This also highlights the great thing about having older siblings!

Terri - I can believe that! Must try harder! :-)

morethananelectrician - Very true - I guess you then have to make sure that you are equally offensive to everyone!

Chris said...

Pretty much anytime I finish somebody's sentence with "That's what she said" I get the same old look that says "Ah shut up already!".

At least my male co-workers appreciate it!