Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A New "Women's Lib"?

Back in the 1960s, women were busy burning their bras, breaking free from their physical constraint and the social constrait that they had come to represent.

Bras are, of course, back, but do seem to be much more comfortable than the monstrousities that were in fashion in the 1960s.

But women now seem to be enslaved my new objects - hair straighteners and curling tongs! Come on, ladies, admit it. How long do you spend each day using these implements to torture your hair into shape?

Some answers have already been discussed elsewhere. Shaving your head? A bit drastic! Works for some, but certainly not all!

I have a better option.


Free yourself from their tyrany!

Shake your hair loose and let nature decide where it goes! (A bit like those women who burnt their bras, I guess ;-) )

Do it! You know you want to!


terri said...

Easy for you to say. You've got hair that we'd LOVE to have! I'd love to let nature decide where my hair goes, but unfortunately, where it goes is in my eyes. I still say that all of us women SHAVE OUR HEADS!

agg79 said...

Hair today, gone tomorrow.
I gave up on my coiffed mane years ago. Lot less stress and hassle, especially in the hot, humid south.

Bald, terri? I think that could be alluring but just remember how that turned out for Brittany...

Rock Chef said...

Terri - but if you DID have my hair you would still hate it! A proven fact! :-) And please don't shave your head... Not that you would...

agg79 - I guess down there you want as much air circulation as possible!

Ali said...

Hmm, I'm thinking if we all got rid of our straighteners, blowdryers, what have you, you would be quickly reminded that some people are just better with a little help.
Yours truly included :)
But quite honestly, I like my hair. And I don't even really care about having to wrestle it into submission most days. I'm just saying that once in a while? It would be nice to wake up with sexpot hair...and have it stay that way all day :)

Rock Chef said...

Ali - I guess you could just do the John and Yoko thing and stay in bed?

Michele said...

What's this obsession with you and your followers and HAIR? LOL
Someone mentioned hair in the comments of your old band photo, Ali made a whole post about it... now you?
When I turned 40 I decided to let nature do it's thing with my hair, and I don't do much but wash it! I do have a spot at my left temple that tweeks out and looks like a devils horn, so I will tame that with a curling iron... if I feel like it. Depends on where I am going and who might see me.

Hmmmmm....do you think my lack of hair maintainance has anything to do with my recent lack of suitable male subjects in my life?
Now that is something to ponder...........!!!

Rock Chef said...

Michele - I guess it is just the latest "in" topic? Maybe your "horn" is a sign of the devil inside trying to get out? :-)

Kate said...

Now THIS is a women's lib I can stand behind!

I totally agree . . . and people tell me that's just b/c I have the hair I do. Trust me - I tried every gadget, treatment, iron, product to tame this mane and straighten out my curls - NONE of it works. If it does - it's entirely unreasonable. I'm not spending an hour to blow out my hair everyday, just for it to curl up again w/ a drop of rain. Finally I said screw it and now it only takes me 10 minutes to do. And I look like me . . . not like everyone else.

The Peach Tart said...

Oh I was a bra burner in the day and I've threatened my hair with everything possible but it ignores my threats.

Rock Chef said...

Kate - You do have great hair - no point fighting it!

The Peach Tart - Hi! Wow, this post is all about you then! :-)

jill said...

I can't live without my straightener. But with short hair it only takes like a minute or two to go through it. That's the key! Short, but cute hair. :)

Marie said...

I agree, Rock Chef. Natural is best. I hate spending too much time on my hair.

Alyssa said...

Oh Rock Chef... If only you knew the relationship I've had with my hair.

I've been growing it out now, but only because I've discovered the wonderous properties of the straightner. If it wasn't for that beautiful piece of equipment, I'd be destined to have short hair for the rest of my life. Other than the straightner, the only real solution for this rebelous, thin, "wavey" hair is a pair of scissors.

My straightner is not tyrannical. It is my hair's friend - my hair's only true friend. It makes me and my hair happy.

It also helps me avoid looking like I just escaped from a jungle prison.