Friday, 19 March 2010

Why can't I draw?

Seems I am the only person in the family that can't draw.

My wife is great, and can draw and paint more or less anything.

My younger daughter has been drawing great stuff since she was tiny.

My elder son is developing into a great artist too, and is turning out some great pictures for his school work.

But somehow I never noticed that my younger son had the talent too! Until yesterday, that is.
We were sitting around chatting about "stuff" and the Little Guy was sitting there doodling.

Suddenly Mrs RC looked at what he was doing.

"Wow, look at this!"

We all looked.

He had drawn a portrait of Number One Son, one of those portraits that not only really looks like the person, but also captures their personality, somehow catching a signature "look" with just a few lines.

It is great. I am going to steal it and put it into a little frame.

So the Little Guy joins the ranks of family artists.

Why can't I draw?


Shadowthorne said...

There's always a bad coconut in every bunch...

You cannot draw. So what?

I draw caricatures and cartoons to amuse myself and my students. But I cannot draw portraits.

Just look at the drawings and say; Gosh, my loin produced gifted artists!! :)

TechnoBabe said...

Yeah but you play guitar!

terri said...

Hey... you're a genius, a Rockin' Chef, and Hot Stuff. Now you want to draw too? You can't have it all! :-)

Marie said...

I ask myself that question too. I love art but I was never any good at it.

Claire said...

Having been an art teacher I feel I can say that anyone can be taught to draw - but to be an "artist" takes that touch of magic. I have a guitar but I can't play and really wish I could...

terri said...

Hey, when did you become legendary? Not that I'm surprised... just that no one told me! :-)

agg79 said...

So you can't draw. I can't play a guitar. Not everybody can be Picasso. We all have a talent. You just have find what you are good at and enjoy it.

And why not let the rest of us see his handiwork?

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - That's the first time I have been called a bad coconut!

Technobabe - true!

Terri - Am I blushing?

Marie - But you can really write!

Claire - Any chance of seeing some of your pictures?

Terri - It only happened at the end of last week.

agg79 - I will see about scanning it.