Friday, 5 March 2010


Friday has arrived yet again!

This week has been very productive, the main weight off my mind being the completion of my last assignment for the year!

YAY ME!!!!!

Is it OK for guys to say that? It is more of a girl thing, isn't it? Ah well, a while back some of my readers made me an honorary girly so I will say it anyway!

YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am a guy who is secure it his sexuality. I don't need to act macho all the time :-)

Anyway, what was I going to talk about? Oh yes! I heard a discussion about jealousy, especially jealousy of wives/partners.

A guy was jealous of his wife's ability to fall asleep quickly while he spent an hour or so trying to doze off. This is the opposite of Mrs RC and I - I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow...

A woman was jealous of her boyfriend's endless happiness! I found this one strange - surely his endless joy was a sign that she was a wonderful person to be with which should make her feel good? But no, clearly not!

Is there something about my wife that I am jealous of? Well there is one thing about her that I wish I had - her ability to push herself beyond all normal limits. If she decides that something needs to be done, it will get done come hell or high water. I just don't have that, but sometimes wish I did.

What about you? Does your husband/wife/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/BFF do or have something that you are jealous of? Please tell!


wigsf said...

My best friend has a steady gal (in other words, gets laid regularly), I'm jealous of that 'cuz you know, I ain't getting squat.

terri said...

My husband has the ability to fix or build anything. And if he can't, he can find someone who does know. I'm afraid there's a lot I haven't learned because I rely on him to know.

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - You really need to fix that situation!

Terri - Well I think that is great - I know he enjoys all that sort of stuff, with the added bonus that you get to play the helpless blond while he does the manly stuff and saves the day! Everyone's a winner, IMO!

Shadowthorne said...

I am jealous of my significant other's ability to make friends. As one unsociable dragon, I do not make friends easily.

Colleagues and friends are two different things.

Anonymous said...

Sleep. My wife tries to force herself to sleep when she wants to. I only get into bed when I am ready to sleep...if I am not ready, I don't even try. So I can be asleep in about 5 minutes. If I am not out in 30 minutes...I get back up and try again after another half hour.

TechnoBabe said...

My hubby has more energy than I do. But I think that goes along with the fact that he takes meds for his bipolar and he sleeps like a sweet lamb and snores like a lion and I don't get the good sleep as often as I need. Smile.

agg79 said...

She's got way better fashion sense than moi. Too many years in the Corps and the Army have warped my sense of style. Isn't camouflage a fashion statement?

She's also a better artist/craft person than me. I couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag.

tz said...

oooh, what a great quality, I'm envious of your wife too! I'm pretty much jealous of my sis in law who can eat anything she wants in massive quantities and have a ridiculously beautiful body (she's nice too so I can't hate her).