Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Not really sure what to talk about today. Work is really busy, I am working on my final assignment for the year (reading about coral reefs which is pretty depressing...), and other stuff that is going on also makes for a rather depressed mood.


As I have said before, when I am cycling my mind often wanders.

I guess being close to death makes you think about it more. I got to thinking about life as a movie. If my life was a movie it wouldn't be amazingly exciting, but I hope it would have its laugh out loud moments, its lump in the throat moments and also maybe a few R-Rated moments. One thing I am sure of - I don't want to hang around once the credits start to roll - I hate watching the credits, even if they throw in a few bloopers to liven things up, or put a spoilter for the sequel at the end. I've already seen the spoiler and the sequel is far far better than the current movie. I want to get out of here, grab a huge bucket of popcorn and go into the next screen to see the sequel straight away! Yep, I'll be off, I don't give a monkeys who the director was - he sucked anyway!

Did that make any sense at all?

Have a great day!


Shadowthorne said...

:) We are all superheroes / fabulous actors / something something in the vast expense of our mind.

I did so much conquering that finally I subdued the whole planet. Now my character(s) roaming other galaxies / alternate reality for new adventures.

terri said...

It makes perfect sense! Of course the sequel will be way better than the original. Isn't that belief the only reason most of us manage to tolerate the original?

terri said...

Oh, look! It's a good day! Your blog let me comment with my Google ID again! It's my lucky day! :-)

(Maybe it's not your blog. Maybe it's ME!)

agg79 said...

Perfect sense. I sometimes feel like I am in a never ending comedy and I am the hapless sidekick. We can hope for a sequel or two, but it's usually never the same as the original. Of course, they always save the good stuff for the blooper reel and the director's cut.

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - You would get on well with my eldest son, who is plotting world domination!

Terri - I think you are right! No, it is my blog, I have got an "annoy Terri" button :-)

agg79 - If you are the side-kick, who is the main character?