Monday, 22 March 2010

Cor, what a day!

I didn't want to get up this morning, my butt was glued to the bed.

But I dragged myself out, scoffed some breakfast and set off into the morning sunshine.

The morning passed as a blur of assorted stuff.

At lunchtime I popped into the town for some odds and ends - bought Mrs RC a new body butter from Body Shop - she is a big fan of these things - the new one is Sweet Lemon and smells like a lemon meringue pie. Yummy! :-)

This afternoon one of my classes was presenting posters that we had designed about threatened ecosystems. I did one on a reef in the South China Sea. Despite initial nerves this went well - I tend to be OK after the first couple of sentences, so I started off saying that this assignment had really brought out the old hippy in me, and the followed up with the line from Jurassic Park about nature finding a way. After that I was off and really enjoyed myself.

So now it is time to head for home and find if my mom and dad are talking to each other yet...

Don't ask...


Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

... I've watched Jurassic Park 1,2 and 3. But I must confess that I was never impressed with them. Just another piece of dinosaur dung to me :)

Oi, post your reef poster here! We live just next to the South China Sea, and I have no idea what happen to the sea people there.

Enlighten us, o Legendary Hippie!

terri said...

You're so sweet to buy Mrs. RC some body butter. I don't think Mark would be caught dead in a body shop unless he was dragged in there by me, and then he would stand by looking disinterested.

Glad your presentation went well. I have no doubt you did great. After all, I've seen your video blogs and you seem like you'd be a natural in front of people.

agg79 said...

I find busy days are better for me. Make the time go by faster. Staying busy beats the alternative.

I used to find it hard to speak in front of crowds/large groups, but I joined a speaking club called Toastmasters that helped me overcome that fear and make it easier to talk to a group of people. I still get nervous, but not in panic mode and at least I can organize my thoughts to speak coherently. Like you said, life finds a way.

What some other flavors of body butter? I'm afraid lemon would make me hungry.