Tuesday, 2 March 2010


So yesterday was Mrs RC's birthday.

I got home from work and it was her choice of food for dinner. She wanted Chinese takeaway. OK, there is one just around the corner, so off I went - walking, as it wasn't very far.

The place was dark. Closed on Mondays.

OK, there is another one across the train track, not far.

Closed on Mondays.

OK, there is another one a bit further on, the one I went to as teenager.

Closed on Mondays.

Damn it!

By now I was close to the town centre, within a stone's throw of the supermarket - yes my town only has one...

They do packs of takeaway-like meals. I would grab some of that, take it home and nuke it!

I went in.

It was 7.40.

The store closed at 8.00.

I approached the fridge that normally has these meals.

There were 2 guys from the store there. They had just finished clearing the fridge, putting everything into crates for overnight storage.

I stood and stared.

Another customer approached and asked about the stuff.

Too late, it has been packed for storage overnight.

I walked away. If I had said something Iwould probably have regretted it later, like when the Police arrived. So I left.

I called Mrs RC to tell her about what was going on. Just as she was telling me to come home, there was a bright light and a chorus or Angels singing - there in front of me was a Chinese Takeaway - and it was OPEN!

I rushed in!

I ordered the food!

I waited!

And waited!

And waited!

People ahead of me started complaining about the wait, and started muttering about asking for their money back!

Their food arrived, as did mine in the end.

The walk home was the fastest I have ever done it - I think I would have broken speed-walking records!

And the food?

How was it?

It was amazing! The best we have had in a long time! Or at least it seemed that way...

To be honest? I think it would have been easier to hunt down a mammoth... Cavemen had it easy!


agg79 said...

Sometimes the best meals (or most memorable) are the ones you have to work for. I'm sure it was great since they took extra time getting it just right. At least you didn't come home empty handed and were the hero (for last night).

When Hurricane Rita hit here 4 years ago, everyone had left town and most stores/restaurants were closed for days. The only place that was open was this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place that serves decent food. During that time, the place was packed and it took an hour to get any food but it was worth it.

Shadowthorne said...

.... closed on Mondays? Why?

The Chinese restaurants here are opened everyday, although some at odd hours (evenings only etc).

Erm... but we are never a take-away society anyway.

I am glad you and your family enjoyed your mammoth ops! food. :)

terri said...

I think you just earned bonus points for going to the ends of the earth for Chinese take-out!

Glad you found it in the end and Mrs. RC had the birthday meal she wished for.

The Moody Minstrel said...

A large percentage of the restaurants here in Japan are closed on Mondays, too. I think it's because the weekends are their busiest time.

I hate it when stores start breaking things down long before closing. I hate it even more when they refuse to get what you want back out. That to me is breach of contract since their official policy says they're still open for business.

Oh, well. I agree with Agg79; having to work a bit for your meal makes it taste better.

jenelle said...

impressive, multiple attempts to try to make her birthday wonderful. well done RC

Kiki said...

Wow!!! What an excursion and you came back with a yummy meal, what a way to end a birthday!!! Hope Mrs. RC's day was all she hoped for, surrounded by those she loves and those who love her!!!