Wednesday, 17 March 2010

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Everyone in England seems to celebrate Ireland's Patron Saint these days, but ignores its own, good old St George!

I blame this on the proloferation of Irish theme pubs! I think we need a world wide chain of English theme pubs! The would feature:

  • Compulsory pipe smoking;
  • Warm beer;
  • Terrible food;
  • Limited allowable topics of conversation, such as cricket and "damn foreigners".

Sounds great, huh?

Who needs Irish pubs anyway? All they have is Guiness, laughter, good music, whisky...


Shadowthorne said...

Why is pub synonymous with bad food? (Especially English pubs)

I've heard this so many times (today; you, yesterday; Gordon Ramsay, before; tv)

Now tell me why, o proud citizen of England!

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - It just seems to be the culmination of a whole series of bad things - uninspiring choices, small portions, a chef who doesn't really care whether you enjoy it or not.

There is an old joke:

Guy goes into pub and asks for a pint and a meal. He wants an under-cooked chicken, half raw chips and week-old salad.

"We can't do that, it sounds disgusting!"

"Well that's what you gave me last time!"

Ali said...

They've got me!!!! I'm Irish! :)

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Exactly! :-)

TechnoBabe said...

I hope you enjoyed St Patrick's Day. I think you may be onto something there with the pubs. Especially like the conversation, laughter, good music! Music a must!

agg79 said...

What? No green beer?
We just use it as another excuse to drink more beer and talk with a bad Irish Brogue.