Monday, 29 March 2010


The weekend passed in a haze of slobbing around doing as little as possible - and wasn't it good!

Today is Number One Son's 16th birthday, so I am finishing at lunchtime to go and help sort out his mini party. Sadly he has got an art exam today and tomorrow so we can't do anything too dramatic today, but we are going to pay for him and a few friends to go out to dinner soon to make up for it.

16. How did that happen?

You know I am sure he grew in the night -he looked bigger this morning - not that he needs to get much bigger, he is only about an inch shorter than I am!

So,what else?

Oh, I was sent this link this morning. It is a website that cleans the inside of your monitor. Give it a go, it really works!

Have a great Monday!


TechnoBabe said...

Great screen cleaner. Glad you had a nice weekend. Happy birthday to number one one. Hope it is wonderful for him.

agg79 said...

Old joke, still funny.

They say time flies when your having fun. It flies even faster when you have kids. Where does 16 years go? My kid turned 22 last summer and it doesn't seem all that long ago that I was taking him to Six Flags or Sea World. Enjoy the day and hope he has a great birthday!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Erm, time flies faster when you are having fun, yes.

Hope your son had a wonderful mini b-day party!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to your son!! I'm not looking forward to the whole growing up thing going on over here...I'm thinking that if I just ignore's already happening! Argh!!

Logan LOVED that screen cleaner!!

Have a fabulous day RC!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

haha - i showed the screen cleaner to our Santo and he thought he had a new friend.

Happy Birthday to your son!

terri said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I have a couple days off at the end of the week and am hoping to do much the same.

Happy Birthday to your son. It is amazing how quickly they grow up, isn't it?

Thanks for the cleaner. I needed that! :-)