Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wednesday already!

Well this week has been mega busy so far, but should settle down a bit from here.

I am feeling a bit better than I was the other day, but still not perfect - hoping to shake it soon.

I changed the title of my blog again. I am now "Legendary", according to a couple of our students, so have decided to go with this for a while now.

More musical time travelling later! Bye for now! Have a great day!


agg79 said...

I like it. Glad you've moved up from Chief. Everybody deserves a promotion & recognition for their accomplishments and you've earned.

Are there other titles you've considered or nominated for?

The Amazing Rock Chef?
The World-Famous Rock Chef?
The Renouned Rock Chef?

Rock Chef. The man. The Legend.

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - I will keep this list for future reference.

Teresa said...

I hope you get to feeling 100% fast! I felt a little crappy last week but am better now.


Shadowthorne said...

We are what we think we are :)

I like 'The Fabulous Rock Chef'


Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Thanks.

Shadowthorne - Yeah, I will add that to the agg79's list!