Monday, 5 January 2009

When a Princess asks questions...

How can I refuse to answer?

The always wonderful Princess of the Universe sent me these questions, threatening to send me to The Tower if I did not answer! So here goes!

1. Do you love students, or do you find them to be a hindrance to getting your actual work done?

I love it when the students are around. Smoothing their way through Uni is one of my main roles (for me anyway) and when they are on holiday it always seems a bit quiet and dull. If the job was all serious research and stuff I would have moved on long ago.

2. Did you in fact make a sleigh for Pooh? (And how could you not know about Pooh's history with Winnipeg? Shocking!)

No, I never found the time to do it. I improvised for our Christmas Eve BBQ, though. I sat them all in our garden trolley - Pooh in his Santa outfit, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore with stuck on card antlers, with a big sack of presents. It was great. Regarding Winnipeg link, I have never heard that. Sorry... I tend to think of Pooh as a fairly local thing, given that The Hundred Acre Wood and Pooh Bridge are just south of London.

3. If you had the choice, would you rather be young Anakin doing a pod race, or Luke doing the blowing-up-the-deathstar scene in Episode IV?

Luke blasting the Death Star without a doubt! I always wanted to be a hero, and it doesn't come much better than that, does it? I mean, he almost got the Princess didn't he - but given that she was his sister it is a good thing he didn't quite get her isn't it? Not the sort of thing we want in a family movie!

4. What's going on with Fat Jedi cat? I haven't heard about him in months!

I haven't seen Jedi for some time - when the weather turned cold he just seemed to vanish. I hope he is OK and had a great Christmas. I will be sure to report when I see him again!

5. Did you ever try Coke Zero again? What about Diet Coke? I'm very concerned about your sugar intake!

No, I never tried it again. I didn't really enjoy it, it doesn't seem to be any better for you overall and I think I just need that sugar boost to get me up the hills on my bike! I do keep thinking that I should look for an alternative but nothing really seems to last for long, I wander into a store and they have Coke or Pepsi on offer and I just grab it! Thanks for worrying about me - guys tend to like that sort of thing!

I hope my answers were satisfactory - if not, I guess I will be answering them again, with a bit of encouragement from the royal torturer!

If you would like ME to interview YOU, please let me know!

Blog Rules:

The only rules are that you have to link back to the original post and you have to put these rules in your post:

Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions."


Princess of the Universe said...

Yay! Thanks for answering!!

For the record: I FAR prefer it when there are no students around. Mostly because they really don't look where they're going!

I'm going to find some Diet Coke now...

Michele said...

I just "found" you through a comment you made on another blog I read. I have spent a while browsing your space here and I have decided to become a regular groupie! I've never been a groupie before, but in my younger years I had entertained thoughts of hanging out with REO Speedwagon while they toured! (ok, so you now know how old I am!).

I would SO love to be interviewed. This sounds fun!! It is good to be able to interact more with your readers.

I'm not a huge Coke fan (unless Cap'n Morgan is in the house) so I am off to take a sip off of the co-workers Mountain Dew.

James said...

Hi John HOW do you do a link to a specific post within someones blog? The Princess sent me some questions too and I don't want to risk Royal displeasure.
The link thing is what's holding me up.

Thanks in advance

James said...

Oh by the way all those Diet drinks contain Aspartame which is WORSE than sugar.
Google it is is a lethal concoction of chemicals. Why do you think they put the warning about Phenylalanine (one of the components) on every bottle? Because they have to by law that's why.
Yet big business has found ways of putting it into more and more products under the guise of being "healthy". In fact they only use it because it is CHEAPER to produce than sugar. They do not care about your health.

terri said...

You can drink all the coke and pepsi you like. All that cycling kills off the calories anyway.

And yes... absolutely... interview me!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Princess - More than happy! Diet Coke? Shudder!

Michele - Hi! Welcome to my blog! I will go to your blog and work out some questions for you. I love the interaction with readers - for me it is the best part of blogging, the exchanges in the comments section often being far more entertaining than my original post! REO Speedwagon? That's one of those new bands, isn't it!

James - I just pasted the message that Princess sent me and it all worked. I didn't know what the stuff was that they put into the drinks, I just knew it wasn't nice.

Terri - Thanks - I will have a slurp right now! Hm, I will have to think up some questions for you!

Kate said...

very interesting. Universtiy life is so dynamic, is't it? It's weird for me being out of college now - a lot of boring stiffs in my workday. So I turn on the radio and tune them out.

There's really a Pooh Bringe near London? wow - I learn something new everyday, thanks to you bloggers.

OK, go ahead - interview me~

jonblue said...

I just did an interview so I'll let other have a turn. Great questions...although I know nothing about Star Trek or Star Wars or whatever it was...

James is a very smart man doing his research on the whole aspertame thing...on that nutritionist once told me that her very first step in getting healthy over anything else would be to eliminate aspertame from my diet totally an completely. I don't eat it anyway so that was easy but that's how aweful it is!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Kate - Pooh Bridge is really there, along with The North Pole and other places mentioned in the original stories. We went there a few years ago and played Pooh Sticks off the bridge.

jonblue - Hi! You know nothing about Star Wars? Probably a good move! That aspertame sounds worse and worse! Bring on the SUGAR!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jonblue - Ahah! So you are Logzie/Teresa in disguise! And I had thought I had gained a new, mysterious reader!

Teresa said...

Ugh...sorry!! Let me explain. I was trying to totally delete my Logziella blog but blogger won't allow you to completely delete your profile. They just tell you to put bogus info in there. "jonblue" was the first thing that came to mind. LOL It means nothing. Then I still have a couple private blogs I read and they are under my Logziella @ yahoo address so I didn't realize that I was still logged in as that and neigther did I realize that the comment I left on that blog probably has that girl freaked out as to who the heck "jonblue" is and how he/she got onto her private blog!!!! Oh man now I gotta fix all this...ugh!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - you life is never simple is it?

tz said...

okay, I'm in!
And seriously, in the long run, (unless you're diabetic) you're better off w/ sugar then the fake stuff....