Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cutting Crime!

I heard a wonderful theory on the radio last night, it goes like this.

Whenever some awful crime has been commited, the perp's friends and neighbours always say things like "he was such a nice guy, he was the last person in the world to do something like this!" We have all seen this on the TV and in the newspapers.

So, when the Police are investigating crimes they should start by arresting the most unlikely person to have committed the crime. Should save lots of time interviewing the usual suspects only to find that it was the nice postman who did it. (Sorry James!)

In fact, they could go one step further and just lock up everyone who seems to be too nice to commit a crime! That would probably wipe out around 90% of all crime!

What do you think?


Teresa said...

I think you're on to something here RC!!!

terri said...

Hey... wait a minute! I don't want to go to jail!

Sitting in Silence said...

I think you are xoxox

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - You like the idea?

Terri - You are a classic example - I bet you are an international art thief or something! ;-)

Sitting in Silence - You like it too? Wow, 2 to 1 in favour so far!

sid said...

But then where would all the security companies, alarm installers etc be if we lock up all the criminals?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sid - Stopping people escaping from prison?

tz said...

well I guess if there's blogging in jail, we'll all remain friends...right AND jail would be amuch nicer place to be with all the nice people there

Chief Rock Chef said...

TZ - You are right! Prison would be a great place to be! In fact, people would be released for BAD behaviour!

Ali said...

It's a good thing I'm so bad ass then - I'll totally be left out of jail! Woohoo!

Michele said...

Hmmm, where would that leave me? I am just sarcastic and "bad" enough to NOT be the "quiet one who didn't bother anyone", but I am not SO bad as to have the police casing my home or following me down the highway.
Maybe I'll just skim that line between the two, viturally invisible? Don't worry, someone has to be on the outside to smuggle in the Coke and Chocolate!

Wreggie said...

You gave me a blog idea.

I actually knew a murderer back in the 1980's and "he was a nice guy". It shocked me to see the other side.

Once we got involved in the investigation I could see this bad side from evidence.

He used to come over to my house, drink a few beers and watch football with me.

In fact he was a double murderer. I almost forgot about this guy can you believe it but you rattled my memory.

mr zig said...

hehe - good plan... wait... would they arrest me?> ah probably not :D

jenelle said...

if all the good ones were locked up and left the bad ones on the outside... who would pay the taxes to keep the correctional system going?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali - You could probably work in the prisons, teaching the nice people how to be bad!

Michele - I like that - you will have lots of friends to keep supplied!

Wreggie - Wow! Reminds me of the time I went to a friends house and was introduced to a new guy: "This is X. He is just out of prison. He killed someone who looked at him funny." Tried not to look at him AT ALL for the rest of the evening. Turned out he was a really nice guy!

Zig - You would have to go back to being sinister :-)

Jenelle - Trust you to ruin it all by asking the sensible question! :-)