Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Happiness, happiness

My last post brought some great comments, and inspired this post.

When I was young, this guy, Ken Dodd, was one of the biggest entertainers around. James, at least, will remember him. This was one of his most famous songs: Happiness.

It embodies a lot of my approach to life, especially when talking about measuring success in terms of happiness and not money. I do the work that I do because it makes me happy, not rich!

People comment on how happy I am, not only bloggers, but people who deal with me face to face.

I recently had a student tell me that without my happy chat each day she might not have finished her degree. How is that for sharing a smile and making a difference?

When we were doing our Christmas food shopping, the woman on the checkout commented on how jolly I was, when everyone else seemed to think that the end of the world was coming. She said I should be employed at the store to cheer up the workers!

A few days ago I was walking down the High Street and was stopped by one of those poor people who do market research. I stopped, chatted, answered her questions. She said I was the first smiling person she had seen ALL DAY! We parted and she returned to her task with renewed vigor.

Spreading a little happiness isn't really that hard, and who knows, you might start a ripple effect going, making a small part of the world just a bit nicer! We all have stuff that tries to make us sad and miserable, and there are times when even I feel like crap, but we also have plenty to feel good about, and I prefer to focus on that, something I learnt to do in my late teens when trying to fight depression.

So, my tip-top tip for today? Think a happy thought, hum a happy tune and SMILE, dammit!


Wreggie said...

Good for you. I strive to be a happy person and I think most people can choose to be happy.

Kate said...

thanks for the reminder - I've been needing a huge chill pill lately. There's so much beyond my control, but fortunately, my attitude is w/i my grasp. Thanks RC! Keep on smilin'

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - I think you are right. many people seem to CHOOSE to be miserable!

Kate - If you can't change it, why spend time worrying about it? Easier said than done, of course!

Ali said...

That whole post made me smile, dammit! And here I was, trying to be all miserable because I didn't get any sleep last night, and you're all being Mr. Twinkletoes and making me happy.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali - Mr Twinkletoes! That is funny! Anyway, my work is done - can't have you being all grumpy can we?

Princess of the Universe said...

This post definitely made me happy - thanks! :)

Michele said...

Sing along with Bobby Brown.. "Doo do do dodo, do de do de dododo... Don't worry, Be Happy!"
Sorry, RC, I don't know your guy, but the song was great.

I am a very chipper person and many times I get on my co-workers nerves because I am just So Darned Happy all the time!
I did tell him you said to "Smile, Dammit". He just glowered at me. (I threw a couple of tiny cell phone screws at him... now when he moves his head they fall out onto the workbench. Yep, you guessed it.. I told him he has a few loose screws! More glowering looks. LOL)

terri said...

It is people like you who make me want to be more like you. Happy doesn't come completely naturally to me. I come from a long line of cynics. However, I have been forcing myself to "see the glass as half full" for a while now (as you've probably noticed) and I am amazed at how it begins to become habit and the positive effect it has on others. (Ok, so winter may be tripping me up a bit, but not for long!) Keep spreading your cheer, RC! The world needs positive influences like you.

Kiki said...

RC, You are awesome, in the middle of what could be the winter blues, you find a way to be cheery and fun!!! Thanks for the reminder to keep it light!!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Princess - Good to hear it!

Michele - That is another good, happy song. Love the thing with the screws!

Terri - Yes, you are getting better, even with the winter doing its best to bring you down. But you have got a great smile, so don't waste it!

Kiki - Thanks! There is too much doom and gloom at the moment - let's smile in the face of adversity!

tz said...

you're awesome...I think angst is overrated
thank you for sharing your cheer with the rest of us!

Chief Rock Chef said...

tz - Thanks, no problem!

Um Naief said...

i agree, i think it's a choice.

great idea to sing a happy tune or have a happy thought... does change your outlook.

my older sister tells me to think 3 times before i say something... which does wonders in keeping negative things from leaving your mouth...

i like happy ppl... you look happy... that's refreshing.