Thursday, 29 January 2009

What a day!!!!

So busy!

Almost had my dissertation project planned but decided to do something totally different while cycling to work this morning! The new project will be better, I think, looking at immigration into the UK - where people are coming from, where they are going and why.

It's cold outside!

A girl in my 12 year old daughter's class is pregnant!

My dad is having trouble with his electricity company and each time we call they say they have no record of the previous call!


Still, the weekend is coming!

Friday might be more peaceful - I wonder?

Oh, the competition! I will leave it open until Monday. Only 2 people have been brave enough to give it a try, so it is still wide open!


mr zig said...

Holy crap! a 12 year old! dammmn!

Michele said...

Mr Zig took the words right out of my mouth, er, keyboard! WOW!

Jen said...

Whoa. I can't imagine being 12 and in that situation. When I was 12 I was only becoming "interested" in boys, but if they wanted to hold my hand I ran the other way! I was pretty old before I even kissed a boy or got past 1st base.

I'd say, what a day indeed!

terri said...

Your project sounds very interesting!

Twelve & pregnant. That is so profoundly sad.

Hope your weekend brings some peace and relaxation.

Ali said...

Yeah...uh...see, I was so excited about your last post that I kind of saw the title, skipped down to the quotes, then wrote the name of the one I knew in the comments...which, going back now...I see I wasn't supposed to do...bad Ali...sorry!!!

Anyways, I may try the rest of them tonight - and send them to your EMAIL! What a great idea, right? ;)

And whoa. Pregnant at 12. Scary.

Claire said...

I can't imagine a 12 yr. olds body having to go through a pregnancy - nor can I imagine Mrs. Duggar's (sp) body having 18 babies - do you know about the Duggars in England?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Zig - Couldn't put it better myself!

Michele - Yep!

Jen - You are such a good girl! I was very timid like that too, took a very determined girl to get me! And she's still got me!

Terri - Thanks - looking forward to a VERY peaceful weekend! Pregnant at 12 sad? Yes, I think you are right!

Ali - Hahahaha! I try to keep my posts at a 1-braincell level (OK I don't actually try, it is just the way I am) but maybe I need to simplify more? I may make that my theme next week! :-)

Claire - Yes, I have heard of them. She just seems to have the constitution of an ox, and from what I have seen they are just a nice, rather big, family! I can't imagine what pregnancy does to a 12 year old...

Ali said...

Ooh, ouch!