Monday, 16 March 2009

An old pop star has moved onto town!

When I was 9 or 10, this guy was one of my favourite pop stars. If I had been told at that time that he would one day live in my town, I would have been delighted.

Not now.


Because he is Gary Glitter!

I don't know how famous he is overseas, but in the UK he went from mega famous, to has-been to infamous after being convicted as a paedophile. Brings a whole new meaning to his song "Do you wanna touch me?"

And now he is living in my town!

Have a great Monday! I am off to join the Facebook campaign to move him out!


Ali said...

Um...good? It would be nice if you left a post to read though...maybe saying who?

Just a suggestion ;)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sorry - it posted just after I typed the title but before I did the rest!

Ho hum!

Wreggie said...

Old pervert.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - I hope that is him and not me!

James said...

I don't know why that let that bastard back in the country.

terri said...

Creepy. Can't they send him to Antarctica or something?

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - Me neither - should have left him to rot in Vietnam! And he even talked about reviving his music career didn't he?

Terri - That would be good!

Wreggie said...

Oh him for sure.

Chris said...

Sorry that a pervert moved into your nieghbourhood.

I'll sign the petition to get him out.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - Oh, that's OK then - just wanted to be certain... :-)

Chris - I think the petition is getting pretty big - around 2500 in a town of 35000, which probably means that just about every person in the town who is on Facebook has joined!

Sitting In Silence said...

Dirty Old man !

Um Naief said...

i'd DEFINITELY try to get this guy out of your neighborhood. do everything possible.

at first, when i started reading this, i was afraid that you weren't going to go negative on the guy... so glad i was wrong!

i agree... once a pervert, always a pervert... don't think twice about doing whatever you can to get him far, far away from your town.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sitting in Silence - again, I hope this is him and not me!

Um Naief - I would be surprised if he stayed much longer. Will let you know when I hear more.