Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm not that horrible!

Sunday was Mrs Rock Chef's birthday.

Saturday we went to town, doing a bit of shopping, picking up a last few presents and cards for her. Then lunch at Pizza Hut (reasonably priced and we all enjoy it) and back home.

Sunday was a lazy day including a barbecue in the garden. Spring really is coming!

My favourite little bit of the weekend was when I was buying cards with the kids. I found the section of cards with recorded voices. I found one that said:

"Hi, this is David Hasselhof, AKA The Hoff, wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
I'd like to jump out of YOUR cake!"
I showed it to the kids because it was so funny and put it back.
What I failed to notice was my daughter rushing out of the shop to see Mrs RC. It seems that she rushed out to tell her about the awful card that I was looking at, but reassured my wife that "I don't think he is that horrible, I don't think he is going to buy it for you!"


Ali said...

Hahahahaha!!! You're not that horrible :)

But I have to confess, I have a secret crush, love/hate kind of thing going on with The Hoff. One of my girlfriends and I regularly send each other videos and professions of love that each of us has for him :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Mrs. RockChef!!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Maybe I should send the card to you then!

Jen said...

That is awesome! Good choice on not buying Mrs. RC THAT one!

Happy be-lated to your wife! Did you let her wear your princess crown?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jen - No, but she did get treated like a princess if that helps.

jenelle said...

happy birthday Mrs. Rock Chef

James said...

While on the subject of princesses....Laundry Fairy really is one!!
Her middle name is Kaur (as is EVERY Sikh female) which means Princess.
(all Sikh males are called Singh which means Lion)

OMG Ali that's sick about The Hoff.
That would like me having a thing for Pamela Anderson...

Chris said...

Happy belated b-day to the Mrs.

She shares the same birthday as my mom (Who never returns call). See blog for more info....

Kiki said...

Happy belated birthday Mrs. Rock Chef and I'm glad you didn't get her the are definitely not that horrible!!!!

terri said...

I've always thought you were not that horrible. Good choice not buying that card for the Mrs.

agg79 said...


Don't Hassle the Hoff!

Happy Belated Birthday for the Mrs.