Tuesday, 3 March 2009


...always seem to tire me out!

Weekends have been fun recently,but not often as restful as I would like.

Mondays are long, as after work I have a lecture until 7, which is hard work on the old brain.

Tuesdays are then just plain busy!By Wednesday I am into my stride and on a roll for Friday again.

Jeez, no wonder the weeks are going past so fast! It was not long ago that March was way off, but now it is here and the field trip approaches. You see my studies require me to spend a week in Malta at the end of this month.

I love Malta.

It is tiny, a small lump of rock between Italy and North Africa- if you stand on the battlements of the "city" that is in the middle if the island you can see the sea all around.

It is old - it has got prehistoric temples that are older than the pyramids.It is full of history - Normans, Arabs, The Knights of St John and their epic siege against the Turks, Napoleon, another epic siege in World War 2. All this packed into a country that you can cycle around in a day.

The people are nice too - well most are OK to tourists - last time I was there I met one who directed me to a large cliff that I could jump off... But on the whole they are nice folk who also speak English!

The food is OK, a sort of mix between Italian and North Africa with a few local specials like rabbit and snail thrown in. It is, however, easy to find good British style food, too, plus the omnipresent McDonalds, etc. And it is usually nice and warm at this time of year - t-shirts and shorts weather most of the time,occasionally wet and cool, occasionally hinting at the very hot summers that are on the way, when you get wind coming straight from the Sahara Desert. Mmmmm.

Malta here I come!


Jen said...

It sounds PERFECT! That's my kind of vacation. . . . erm. . . studying.

The only thing I'm going to ask of you is to bring me back an awesome photograph. Please?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jen - I hope to have lots of photos to post, don't worry!

Michele said...

What a place to "have" to go to. I'm jealous! I can't wait to see the photos after your return.

Sitting in Silence said...

Cool. Sounds like loads of fun...cant wait to see all the pics xoxoxo

kenady said...

my husband went to Malta for business when they were filming "troy" w/ Brad Pitt. this was when Brad and Jennifer Aniston were still married... hubby so wanted to see her in person, but she came for a visit after he left. Boo hoo:) the pictures he brought back were fantastic! i hope you have a wonderful time!

terri said...

That sounds like a phenomenal field trip. Can you video blog from there? ;-)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Michele - Yes it is tough - choosing that module was a very hard decision!

Sitting in Silence - There will be pics, don't worry!

Kenady - I didn't realise they filmed Troy in Malta - it does appear in quite a lot of movies, though. Poor hubby :-)

Terri - There are PCs at the hotel, so I will see what I can do. Might be late at night after a few beers - don't say I didn't warn you!

agg79 said...

Pictures. We need pictures.
How about a couple of the Azure Window?

Anonymous said...

ok, i'm too lazy to go back thru your posts. what do you do that "makes" you take field trips to other countries? i want your job and i don't even know what it is!

Chief Rock Chef said...

agg - I will if I get there. If not I can pretend and post one that I have saved.

nona - I work as a technician in the Geography department of a university. Every year we send students out to Malta to study a range of stuff. I have been 3 times as a member of staff - this year I go as a student!

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Um Naief said...

ooooh, sounds fabulous!! can't wait to see pics.

what a nice place to visit. will have to keep it in mind for future travels.