Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I admit it - I am a food junky

No surprise, huh?

Well I just had it confirmed this lunchtime.

I was in my usual eating place, waiting for my cream cheese and bacon bagel, when the woman there held out a fork.

I took it.

On the fork was a lump of cheese cake.

I tasted it.

The cheese cake slowly disolved in my mouth, spreading an amazing mix of creaminess and lemon sharpness.


I have eaten my fair share of cheese cake in my life, but this was really special. My body wanted more, demanded more, BEGGED for MORE!

But I am master of my emotions - I did not buy a slice.

But I regret that move now. I REALLY want more!

Tomorrow, for sure. Yep I will get a slice tomorrow.

I am hooked.

I am a food junky.


Wreggie said...

Unrelated to your post but I dreamed you came over for a visit. You had this thick South Carolina Coastal accent which threw me off after seeing your videos.

It made it difficult to explain that you were from England. No one believed us.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - Wow, that is really off the wall! If I do visit you I will have to work on accents and switch each time we meet someone new.

Miss Got Wings said...

Right there with you! Let's put a positive spin on it and call you a "food afficianado". I like the sound of that better.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Miss Got Wings - "Food afficianado"? Yeah, that sounds really impressive! I will go with that from now on.

Michele said...

If your luck is anything like mine, that awesome cheesecake was a special for yesterday only, and when you go in tomorrow for a slice it will all be gone!

Jenny from Chicago said...

Listen, you're no food junky. I'm a food junky....which means even if the cheesecake WASN'T that great I would have bought some on the spot and THEN gone back for more the next day. I have so much I could teach you.

Jen said...

Mmmmm. . . lemon cheesecake. . . I am now craving cheesecake!

mr zig said...

mmmmmm cheesecake!!!!! i can't get enough of the stuff!!! and yeah - I'd say you're a food connoisseur, -- a junky would eat any old cheesecake AND buy the entire cake! :)

terri said...

I'm a slave to sugar. I'd have bought the cheesecake.

Claire said...

I would have bought the cheesecake - right on the spot - and now you've got me thinking about cheesecake and I am going to DC and what restaurant do they have there??? Cheesecake Factory Restaurant!!!!

Kiki said...

I say "foodie"....even though I have the least discerning taste of anyone I know!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Michele - Yeah, wouldn't that be funny! I will let you know.

Jenny - Hi! Hm, you make me feel like an utter amateur! Do you have tips on your blog? I will have to stop by for a look!

Jen - Just check that your damn doctor isn't around to see you buy it!

Zig - How true!

Terri - Yeah? I feel like such a martyr!

Claire - Now that sounds like my sort of place! Any chance of posting pics on your blog?

Kiki - Yes, foodie is a good term!

Claire said...

I am taking my new camera with me and my son-in-law will hopefully take some time to show me how to do the photo thing once and for all!!

Sitting In Silence said...

Ummm....I so hear you on this one....