Thursday, 28 January 2010

The best light show ever

Continuing from the last post, I thought I would expand on the time we saw Steps.

It was an outdoor concert, in the grounds of a stately home.

There were thousands of people there, mainly families.

Toilets were in the form of mobile units. The dominance of families meant that the ones designated for women had massive queues while the mens ones had no queue. My daughter and I started a mini revolution and after I checked that one was empty, my daughter followed by a throng of other women and children took it over and put it to good use. On organiser briefly tried to stop it but soon thought better of it...

Anyway, as it was a British summer, we were prepared for rain as well as baking sunshine. Good thing too! As Steps, the main group, came on stage the heavens opened and it poured with rain, so we put on the waterproofs. Shortly after a thunderstorm started over the sea a few miles away behind the stage. The on-stage lightshow was pretty impressive, but adding lighting too made it amazing. We sang, danced and clapped in the rain and mud, our spirits undampened. It was a great show, far better than I had expected. A day with my daughter I will never forget.


Claire said...

Wonderful story - precious memories that will always be priceless. Thank you for sharing them with us.

terri said...

You know it was a special day when you could have fun enjoying a concert in the rain and mud. I can almost picture the dual light show, and it does sound spectacular.

agg79 said...

That kind of chaos and mayhem makes for the best memories. I can just picture your toliet revolution. That's one way to start a "movement".

Outdoor concerts can be fantastic venues, if the bugs are not too bad.

Rock Chef said...

Claire - Thanks.

Terri - It was a great day.

agg79 - We don't tend to suffer too badly with bugs around here - 3-4 bites on a summers evening is extreme!

Shadowthorne said...

Never been to a concert, any concert in my life... Oh and i am not going to start soon.

I just hate places with many people. I like my elbow space, thank you so very much :)

And Viva Toilet Revolution!! (sometimes I also went into Women's when the Men's are locked)