Thursday, 28 January 2010

Kiss of Death?

When my older daughter was in her early and mid teens, I used to take her to concerts to see bands that she liked. She didn't like indoor concerts - something to do with her dyspraxia we think - but each summer there was an open air, all day festival near us that featured the sort of people that she liked at the time.

We saw Steps:

Who were surprisingly good, to be honest! At the time we felt very lucky because they split up shortly after. Two members of Steps went on to become a duo, "H and Clare". We saw them too, just before they split up.

Then we were supposed to see 5ive:

But they split up just before the concert, so the main act became Atomic Kitten:

Who split up just after we saw them.

Starting to see a pattern here? Hm, me too!

And the proof that we are not imagining it? One year the main group was Westlife:

A year earlier these had been my daughter's favourite group, but she had moved on and didn't want to see them. Westlife are still going strong...


Shadowthorne said...

:) I love British (boy) bands. They are way better than American ones.

But like you said, the good bands split too early.... too bad.

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - we do seem to have it down to a fine art! I think the reason they tend to split is that most groups are put together by management/record companies - they weren't friends before hand, so after a few years they start to hate the sight of each other. IMO, of course!

terri said...

Kacey used to like Steps. She's still got a CD around here somewhere.

I'm not fond of indoor concerts either. The outdoor ones are so much more relaxing and not so claustrophobic.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - I prefer them too - but when we saw Steps we got the full outdoor experience - I think I will post about it soon!