Friday, 22 January 2010

Weekend again!

I think that this week mugged me - where did it go? I had such plans for it! I was going to write an essay and everything!

Ah well!

So, it is the weekend again - what will I be doing?

Well tonight is, of course, pizza night so later on I will be making dough and sauce, grating cheese, chopping salami, etc. This will be "helped" by a few bottles of the beer that I had left over from Christmas. Mmmm beeeeer.

Saturday will (weather permitting) be the first barbeque of the year. Not sure if the kids will want to eat outside - they will probably sit in the living room playing XBox and Wii while I do manly stuff in the garden.

I will also be doing more reading for the delayed essay - American Agriculture - such a riveting topic :-)

I also want to start work on some new toy soldiers that I bought today. They promise to be really nice when I finish them, so watch out for pictures some time soon.

What else? Oh yes, my daughter will be getting more bass guitar lessons. I started teaching her a while back but she seemed to lose interest. Knowing that it is not a good idea to push her, I let it slide. Then, the other evening at a school open evening where she was choosing what she wants to study for the next 2 years she opted for a huge music course. Really? Cool! We had better get lessons going again then! The reply? Turns out she has been practicing regularly the whole time and knows a couple of songs by heart now! I was amazed and delighted! That girl never stops surprising me. Of all our kids she is the one that I only seem to think I know, because every so often she shows a facet that I was totally unaware of.

Anyway, better sign off now!

Have a great weekend!


terri said...

I had the exact same feeling. Where did the week go? I wrote a post on Sunday and before I knew it, it was Thursday already!

"Mmmmm, beer!" I got a Homer Simpson bottle opener that says "Mmmm, beer" when the opener touches the metal cap on the bottle. I'm totally amused by this.

Your essay assignment is American Agriculture? Seriously? Just how much can you write about corn and soybeans? Good luck.

Your daughter sounds like an amazing girl. Just when you think she's giving up on the lessons, she surprises you by admitting she's been working at it all along!

Hope your weekend is a great one!

kenady said...

kids are amazing! just when you think you know them they show you a different side! hope you have a great weekend:)

Marie said...

I think it's great that your daughter is learning bass. Good for her!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

agg79 said...

Hmmmm Beeeer. Always a good addition to any meal.

Good luck on American Agriculture. What are you looking to highlight? Tabacco farming? Raising cotton? The latest line of John Deere tractors?

Shadowthorne said...

Awww..... doing manly stuff while the children amuse themselves indoors.

I remembered my dad who used to lash at us with VERY VERY ACIDIC words about his ungrateful brood when we did the same thing.

Mmmmm beeer!