Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Summer is coming...

OK it might not seem that close right now, but it is coming - even if we are forecast to have more snow today!

But the weather is not my topic today. Today I am talking summer clothes.

Last night we were chatting and got on to the summer camping trip and what we should take. Crocs, shorts, warm things for the evenings or if we hit some nasty weather, etc. Then someone mentioned t-shirts.

Mrs RC chipped in:

"I want one that says DOES NOT MIX WELL WITH OTHERS."

Discussion followed, and we have now decided that we will each have some custom t-shirts made for the summer. I think the kids will get quite creative with theirs, while Mrs RC just wants a series of ones stating I HAVE ISSUES, or I'M NOT OK, or WOMAN ON THE EDGE.

Me? Not too sure right now.

How about:


LIFE IS GOOD (with credit to Terri, of course!)



Any suggestions?


terri said...

You should definitely have a Rock Chef t-shirt! And you can buy Life is Good t-shirts here. There's a whole product line. Actually, the t-shirt designs are usually outdoorsy or camping related. Tell me your size and I'll try to find one for you and send it!

Tell Mrs. RC if she designs a line of t-shirts, I would buy them. Hers describe my personality quite well!

agg79 said...

I agree. Gotta have a Rock Chef shirt.

or perhaps

Commander & Chef

Teresa said...

I third the Rock Chef shirt. That IS who you ARE. :)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - I guess they go with the mug that you sent me - which I am using for hot chocolate in this cold weather! If we get some good ones going I will send you one.

agg79 - Mm, no. Mrs RC is the Commander...

Teresa - I guess so, especially when we go camping and everything is grilled by me!

Ali said...

I just got a hoodie made the other day, super cool ;) I plan on wearing it Monday, so I'll post pictures.
Hmm, what size tshirt do you wear??

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Looking forward to seeing your super cool hoodie! OK, I usually wear large t-shirts - mediums fit at the top but leave a gap at the bottom :-(