Wednesday, 13 January 2010


My mind is a total blank.

Today has been very busy - too busy for comfort really, I prefer to be a bit less rushed when I work. Oh well.

The snow has more or less gone now, although a bit more tried to fall today it just melted as it landed. Is this the end of our white winter? I wonder.

I think Custard my dog will be sad to see the snow go. He loves it - running, sniffing, rolling. He even just lays on ice patches, with his belly on the ice. Makes me cringe, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all!

We have been watching Celebrity Big Brother! A reality show where they throw all sorts of odd people into a house to see what happens. Interesting people this time, including Vinny Jones (actor and footballer), Ivana Trump and Stephen Baldwin. I hadn't realised that Stephen Baldwin was now a preacher. After the shock (I always think of him as the guy in the fairly bad disaster movies) I think I quite like him. He is very "in your face" when talking about God, which makes some of the others uncomfortable. Some try to make "clever" remarks and score points off him, but he knows what they are doing and won't let them do it.

Hm, my mind has gone blank again. I think the cold has sucked the life from my brain. A shot of Drambuie will help when I get home. I drink it for medicinal purposes only, of course. Hah, that was something that one of my grandfathers used to say. He was Plymouth Brethren, no alcohol allowed but he always had a bottle or 3 of brandy around his house for "medicinal purposes". He hated drinking it, of course, but a man has to just suck it up and do things sometimes. I miss him. He was such a great guy. Some of you may remember me telling the story from his childhood when he was playing with a rat in the garden... I can still hear him laughing about that!

OK, that is it, I have wanted enough of your time with this drivel!



wigsf said...

Stephen Baldwin's a preacher now??? Well, after playing second banana to Pauly Shore, finding God is an appropriate career move. Cuz if God can't help you, nobody can.

Teresa said...

Big Brother is my most favorite show!!! I did not know they did a celebrity version!! Oh could I have missed that??

terri said...

Must have been busy all around today! I didn't even open my reader once today to check in on my favorite blogs!

I'm trying to picture which Baldwin is Steven. I can picture Alec, Billy, Daniel...I might have to google Steven.

Claire said...

I can't go over Ivana Trump being on the program!!! Is this a house in England where they all are - or is it an American show?

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - Ouch!

Teresa - It is being filmed in Britain, so I doubt it is being shown in the USA.

Terri - He is the one that looks like a wrestler...

Claire - It is a British show. We were really shocked to see Ivana on it.