Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Well gosh darn it!

I had a great idea for a vblog today - the Great River Stour is running high at the moment and I was going to stand on one of the bridges and show you how mighty and impressive our river is!

Stand aside, Mississippi!

The Great Stour is in flood!

You should see it!

But when I got there I found that my camera was too cold to work.


Oh well, back to the drawing board!

I will try again tomorrow...

Oh yes, AND I am wearing my Oscar the Grouch t-shirt! I was going to post a pic of that too!

Wednesdays, eh? What can you do?


Teresa said...

don't forget to try again b/c I'd really like to see that! :)

terri said...

Doesn't that just figure?

I would walk over to the Mississippi and take a picture for you, but it's too cold! Maybe in the spring.

Rock Chef said...

Teresa - as soon as it comes through the wash!

Terri - That would be cool - I am sure you could take some great photos of Old Man River.