Monday, 1 February 2010


Feeling strange today.

The week end was a rather odd one - a mix of worrying about a member of the family (seems to be sorted now) and looking at puppies on the internet. Mrs RC is getting geared up for another dog and is also rediscovering the internet thanks to our new laptop and its super wizzy internet connection. We found some mega cute looking dogs for sale near us - French Bulldogs, British Bulldogs and Pugs are the current favourites.

The cold is still with us - on Friday I rode home through a blizzard of hailstones - not the best experience I have had on a bike! Everything is frozen solid,with less used roads having large areas of ice on them in places. Custard loves it, though, so I make sure to stack on the layers before taking him out - he won't rush just because I am cold, he takes his time whether it is sunny, snowing or raining!

So this strange feeling? Yes, it is like I am on the edge of catching something, like there is a headache sitting in the back of my eye sockets waiting to pounce, and my arms have that slight weakness to them that you get.

Gah, listen to me throwing a pitty party for myself here!

Slap me!

Going, slap me!






Shadowthorne said...

I love the cold and sometimes wished that it would snow here. I have a quite high tolerance of low temperature, maybe the after effect of years going to classes in cold mornings and then stuck in freezing air-cond halls for lectures for hours.

Wish you well with your new dog selection. (I didn't get to choose my own ferrets. They were selected for me).

Claire said...

Get some Vitamin C - Emergen-C - mix it with water and drink it - when I'm feeling bad I drink two packs at a time. Hope you have something like it over there!

Anonymous said...

Just pretend you aren't sick at all. Sometimes it acually works!!!

agg79 said...

A French verse a English Bulldog? Does one go oui oui? I'd go for the English. Good luck with the hunt.

And dogs have that 6th sense and can tell when you are in a hurry (or cold).

Vitamin C and some good Brandy. May not make you better, but you won't care...

Ali said...

I think maybe you just *think* you feel sick, because what you really want is an excuse to stay home with your new computer and lovely wife, and fawn over pictures of puppies and do um, matrimonial...stuff :)

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - With they strange things that are happening to the climate you might just get snow at some point!

Claire - Yes, I might hunt down something like that at lunchtime today.

Sparky - That's my wife's trick!

agg79 - I think they tend to go Merde, Merde!
During January I was drinking Drambuie, which did the trick nicely. Maybe I need another bottle...

Ali - OK, you got me there!

terri said...

Puppies! I dreamed I got a new puppy. I have no idea what kind he was, but I named him Harley.

I hope you get one! Can't wait to hear what you decide.