Monday, 1 June 2009

Why are weekends always too short?

Had a fab weekend! The weather was perfect!

The barbie was great - my wok worked really well! I did some onions and peppers in it which turned out great, and then I cooked some flat bread in it which was amazing! We will now have fresh bread when we to camping!

I also made some progress on Custard's behaviour - sort of.

We met one of the dogs that he goes for, in fact the one that he is most eager to fight.

I shortened his lead and told him to be nice. The other dog's owner was a couple of hundred yards away at this point.

He sat here all good.

The dog circled behind him, and Custard turned round and growled at him.

I told Custard off, and he layed down.

Then it happened. The other dog the other dog came around behind again and tried to mount him! Yes, Custard had merely been trying to stop himself being raped!

I pushed the dog with my knee, but he looked at me and growled.

I don't take that sort of shit from any dog, so I grabbed its collar and held it up on its back legs, gasping for air, until the owner arrived.

Poor Custard. Looks like he was right all along!


Wreggie said...

I hate it when dogs act like dogs instead of people. But the're I suppose.

Custard is a fine looking dog.

Ali said...

Poor Custard. I feel disturbed by the actions of this other dog. Eeeew.

agg79 said...

Dogs have a keener sense of trouble that we do. Sounds like you are making good progress with Custard. Why was the other dog's owner not controlling him as well as you did? My new dog is doing well, but still has socail issues with other dogs (& cats). Still pretty much a puppy at heart and wants to play but is overly aggressive. Working on his control and behavior.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - Custard does act like a person most of the time...

Ali - Not as disturbed as Custard was!

agg79 - I just don't think he realised what was going on. I am sure your dog will get there eventually -although I wouldn't hold out much hope regarding cats. I think that unless they are brought up together there is just a genetic thing that kicks in...

Wreggie said...

I came back just one more time to look at Custard. You know I am a dog guy.

Does he bark with a British accent?

terri said...

Funny how Custard knew instinctively that he had to put that dog in it's place.

He is a beautiful dog.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Wreggie - Oh yes, he says "Old chap" after each woof!

Terri - Well he is a very good judge of human character, so with hindsight it is obvious he can judge dog character just as well! Thanks, I will pass that on to him.

Sitting In Silence said...

I swear he is the nicest lab I have ever seen....just adorable..

Michele said...

Awww.... just look at that cute puppy doggie face!!! And your dog is mighty fine looking, too! heeheehee! (Sorry, couldn't reisit. The Evil Shell side of me decided it was going to post my comments today!)

Um Naief said...

i like Custard!! what a beautiful dog... no wonder he's being hunted!! ;)

what did the owner say?? are you guys allowed to let the dogs off their leashes there?

Um Naief said...

oh yeah.. how does Custard act like a person??

have you picked up Marley & Me? i think you'd like the book.. the movie was just average... didn't even finish it.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Um Naief - Yes, we are allowed to let our dogs run loose,but we keep Custard on long leash instead. The owner of the other dog didn't say much at all!

Custard is like having a 3 year old child. He has favourite toys in his toy box, has a teddy bear that he carries around and cuddles when he goes to sleep, expects to be included in what is going on, be it a barbeque or gardening. He is great.

My daughter saw Marley and Me at the cinema and cried at the end (as did most others there, by the sound of it, including some "tough" boys. The book is on my "want to read" list but other things always seem to be more pressing, especially during term time. Maybe I will get a copy for when we go camping.

Phew, that was blog-length!