Monday, 8 June 2009

A few weekend highlights

Had a fun weekend, doing all of the usual stuff.

The weather was a bit rubbish, but brightened up enough on Sunday for a barbeque. Unfortunately the sausages we had were a bit fatty, so cooking them was really hard, having to keep them on the move to avoid the inferno of burning fat that was created. Still, my culinary skills won through and it was all good in the end. Must remember not to use those ones in the future, though!

Saturday night. For some reason, we have a ton of pillows and cushions on our bed. This is fine if you are reading, watching the TV or playing the Playstation, but sleep time always coinsides with most of them being jetisoned onto the floor. On Saturday, Mrs RC got a bit over zealous and there was a crash as a cushion landed on her dressing table, knocking over a drink.

Dann it!

She asked me for a towel or something to clean it up with.

There was a towel on the floor on my side of the bed so I reached for it. As I reached, one of my butt cheeks slid over the edge and I started to slide out of bed onto the floor, my legs staying on the bed because they were tangled up in the sheets.

Not so bad, you think? Well right by my side of the bed is a built in wardrobe with huge mirror doors, and I was heading straight for it with nothing solid to grab hold of to stop myself! I had visions of hitting it, shattering it and spending the rest of the weekend having shards of mirror pulled out of my back and head!

"Help?" I said.

Mrs RC lookd at me, still in mid-slide, and burst out laughing.

My slide continued until my butt touched down on the floor, leaving me balancing there on the tip of my butt, folded in half, with my feet still in bed and my back and head about 2 inches from the mirror doors.

"What on earth are you doing?"

"I'm trying not to fall through the mirrors and slash myself to pieces!"

"Oh, I thought you were messing around!"

All day Sunday she kept laughing about it until there were tears in here eyes...

Finally, you might remember an old post of mine about the biggest rubber duck in the world! Well I saw this add on TV for the first time over the weekend. I think it will become a classic.


terri said...

Your weekend weather sounds much like ours. We had temps in the 50's and solid rain all day Saturday and much of Sunday. The rain was desperately needed though.

Your bedtime events sound like something that should be on a sit-com! Especially since they had Mrs. RC in stitches all weekend!

Ali said...

Over zealous pillow flinging and tangled sheets? Rock Chef butt cheeks?

Too much for a Monday morning ;)

But I'm glad you had a good weekend, and that you caused your wife so much laughter!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - You are right! With hindsight I must have looked like something out of Mr Bean!

Ali - Sorry, maybe I should have had a warning at the top of the post :-)

Sitting In Silence said...

LOL....That is so funny....Did you leave you there ? LOL

The Moody Minstrel said...

That video was taken in Japan!

Vengeful Bedding + Hapless Rock Chef = Spousal Laughter Abuse

Sounds like a tricky equation to me!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sitting in Silence - I was eventually rescued - once the laughter had died down...

Moody Minstrel - I assumed it was made in Japan - it is too good to be done over here, too authentic. Spousal Laughter Abuse? SLA? That sounds like a real issue! Is there an organisation that I can join?

Michele said...

If you remember, I am a fan of all things Rubber-Duckie.... so I loved the video. That last scene, though-- Hmmm, if you don't watch the entire thing, you may mistake the duckie bill for a butt. Seriously.. look at it again... that part Where the girls are kissing their hero.
I guess that is how the two stories tie together: your butt slide and Duckie BillButt!
(OR, maybe I just got too close to the chemical vapors here at work? OR, maybe I should be on psycho drugs?)

Claire said...

I'm judt getting to this on Tuesday and I am laughing - everyone's comments are really great!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Michele - Yes, I had forgotten about your duck fixation! Glad you liked it! Not so sure about the butt part - maybe it is the chemicals...

Claire - I made you laugh on a Tuesday! That is good. Tuesday can be a tough one!

mr zig said...

oh man - that is one awesome commercial! hehe