Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mind Reading

A good friend of mine recently commented that it would be great if his/her husband/wife could read his/her mind.

My reaction was:

"You mean they can't?"

You see, Mrs RC and I are one of those couples who can, 99% of the time, know what the other is thinking without any real communication. We will often make the same comment at exactly the same time, or complete each other's sentences.

We sit watching movies and comment about what is going on in the form of looks and small noises (often just groans or chuckles). Nothing further is needed. Sometimes we resort to single words, such as "Dead" when an old cop declares that he has only got 2 days left before he retires...

Have you reached this state yet? Do ALL couples get there in the end, or are we just freaks?


Teresa said...

My husband is rather slow at such things...although my best friend in high school and I did this exact same thing. A simple look or grunt and we knew what the other was thinking. It was GREAT!

Chuck and I call eachother on the phone at the EXACT same time every time and have done that for years and years.

Let me clarify my comment...I'll start to spell something or give hints or clues to somethign I don't want the kids to know and my 7 year old son figures it out before my husband! LOL!! He's just not quick and intuitive but trust you me...he's got other amazing qualities that MORE than make up for it. LOL!!

You're not freaks...your madly IN LOVE and have a marriage that many sadly will only dream of.

terri said...

You're freaks.

OF COURSE, I'M KIDDING! But again, I'll say that you two are some of the lucky few who enjoy such a close relationship.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Poor Chuck. You will have to work on the mind reading bit. But he does seem to be pretty much on the money in all other respects!

Terri - OK. I'll take "lucky freak"... :-)

Ali said...

Chris and I are like that most of the time.
It's only when there is something like, oh, I don't know, a bag of garbage lying directly in his path, and I'm saying in my mind "Pick that up and throw it in the dumpster on your way out since you're going out anyways!" and then he just walk right over it - THEN he's not such a great mind reader.
But really, I think he gets it, he's just lazy.

Michele said...

My best friend Joe and I have this same type of connection. It works great here at work when all we have to do is pass a look to each other over a customers head. Sometimes I have to walk into the back room to stiffle the giggles when he gets a particularly difficult (or brain dead) customer.

We have been known to laugh so hard out in public, we start to get those annoyed looks from other people who don't remember what it feels like to laugh till you cry... and those looks cause US to exchange silent "words" which cracks us up even more.

We are the same as you with movies... a single word or grunt conveys the same message as entire paragraphs of speech.

Now, if I could just learn to read the KIDS minds! LOL

Chris said...

Mostly with our sense of humour. We know exactly what to say to top off each other's jokes.

If people heard us sometimes, they would think that we were freaks too.

Wreggie said...

You're freaks. I don't know what in the hell mine was thinking or is thinking all of the time.

Sitting In Silence said...

Yep...I hear you. We do this all the time. It's great. We will be sitting in the car and thinking of the same thing for lunch or what to do next.....LOL ! x

Judy said...

My husband gets mad at me for what I am thinking and I haven't said a word. He can tell by how I look and I can do the same with him. No matter how nice I try to ACT he knows from my past behavior how I am feeling. He is right too.