Monday, 29 June 2009

Stealing from Children

On Saturday, I stole from children. Guilty as charged, but may I submit evidence in my defence before you pass sentence?

I arrived at the train station to find it occuppied by a gang of teenagers - age range probably 12 to 15. They were very loud, many clearly drunk, an opinion encouraged by the openned cases of beer that were in evidence.

One was talking/shouting into his cellphone. His side of the conversation went something like this:

"Wellwewereallthere,likeandthensomeonestartedf-ingkickingof,like, youknowwhatImeanand then,f-ing,well,youknowwhatI meanweall hadto f-ing,likesortof, f-ingyouknowwhatImean..."

A train arrived. Most of them got on, while a few left on foot. Still 20 minutes til my train arrived, so I went and grabbed a seat where they had been sitting. One of the beer cases was still there. I looked inside, out of curiousity and there were still some bottles inside it!

Looked around.

No sign of the prevoius owners.

Finders keepers, I think!

Beer went into my bag.

The station started to fill up as the time of the next train drew closer. Giving up my seat to a blind guy and his wife (aren't I nice) I moved along the platform.

Then guess who returns? Mr "F-ingknowwhatImean"! He goes to the beer case, picks it up and swears!

Should I have given him his beer back? I decided not to. He was too young, had had enough already and, well, he didn't deserve it did he?

The beer came home with me, and went down very nicely with Sunday's barbeque.

Stealing from children does have its plus side!


James said...

You cool as a cucumber dude, cool as a cucumber....

Ali said...

That'slikeyouknow,totallyawesome ofyou,andf-ing,likehedeservedityouknow whatimean?You'relikef-inghilariousand stuff.

Seriously though, the punk deserved it :)

mr zig said...

I think u shoulda taken all of his beer! :) not just the one! :) - that'll teach him to leave his beer unattended :)

Rock Chef said...

James - Yep,that's me!

Ali - You did that much too naturally...

Zig - Oh I did take all of it!

Ali said...

I'm a jack-of-all-trades, what can I say? ;)

Michele said...

What was the kid thinking, leaving his beer unattended? We all know unattended stuff dissappears! Guess he learned his f-ing lesson. BTW- You didn't steal, you were teaching him one of lifes great lessons. My dad worded it this way: "I guess someone liked it more than you did. Maybe they'll take better care of it." (This was his response when my bike was stolen because I forgot to lock it up AND when my skateboard was taken from my front yard because I had forgot to take it into the house one night).

terri said...

Excellent! You really did him a favor. You weren't stealing. You were preventing him from getting arrested for underage consumption. It was your civic duty!

Alyssa said...

I agree with all above comments! Besides, suffering builds character. :)

Rock Chef said...

Ali - ??

Michele - I love your dad't approach! I will have to remember that one!

Terri - Well said!

Alyssa - It does indeed!

Claire said...

I love this story - you weren't stealing you were taking things into protective custody!!!!!