Monday, 22 June 2009

Don't hate me...

Some people, such as Mrs RC, fight their weight for their entire lives.

Mrs RC has been dieting (again) for a few months now. She is exercising far more than I am, eating a quarter of what I am and what happens? One week she loses a pound. next week, for no apparent reason, she gains 3! We have given up trying to work out what the hell is going on. Avoiding some foods (e.g. white bread and potatoes) seems to help a bit, but the fact remains. Scientifically she should be losing far more than she is and still has around 40% of her target loss to get rid of.

On the other hand there are people like me.

My weight is very stable these days. For a while I was just over 15 stones, but after being ill a couple of years ago I dropped to 14 st 8 pounds.

When Mrs RC is dieting, she tends to compensate by over feeding me. Over the last couple of months I have gained a couple of pounds, and I could feel it too! I know EXACTLY where those pounds were.

Then on Friday I appointed myself the task of rescuing a load of chairs from another building that is being refurbished. I carried 22 chairs up to my 3rd floor office, using the stairs, not the lift. My extra pounds have gone.

Don't hate me! I know it isn't fair!


Michele said...

I think I have the same metabolism as you wife. I go on a diet, restrict what I eat, walk three miles a day, and I gain. :-(
If I don't do anything different, I stay steady. I think staying steadly plump is a bit better than trying to loose and getting discouraged and depressed by the opposite happening!
You, on the other hand, suck! My ex-husband was like that (one day of hard work and he looses three pounds) and he could never understand why I had such trouble keeping my girlish figure.
*exasperaited sigh and rolling of the eyes!*

mr zig said...

my wife and I are the same - when it comes to weight loss I can be a "good boy" for a month and the extra poundage is gone - she also has the whacky inconsistent ups and downs - for no apparent reason - I think it's cuz we play guitar - yeah - that's probably it - :)

Ali said...
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Ali said...

If I lived near you, I'd kick you.

But it wouldn't be a hard kick, just a gentle little "Grrrrr!" kind of kick :)

Sitting In Silence said...

I think that some people are just really men dont have babies...LOL xoxxo

terri said...

You're tall, right? Height definitely helps. I don't have to work real hard at maintaining a happy weight either.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Michele - I have been encouraging my wife to do that for years (she calls me a "chubby chaser"), but in the last couple of years she has decided that she wants to lose it, so I am giving her all the support I can.

Zig - Yep, must be the guitars! BB King must be the exception that proves the rule!

Ali - Don't worry, I get that already from Mrs RC!

SiS - Mrs RC actually tended to LOSE weight when having babies!

Terri - I think it is something to do with the heart having to work harder to get the blood to our heads :-)

Miss Got Wings said...

no it's not fair . . . but I don't hate you~

Miss Got Wings said...

oh . . . . and diets don't work. take it from one who's tried them all. life's too short to restrict foods! oh the years I've wasted starving myself only to balloon up again. no fun! best to stick to moderation in all parts of life~

Teresa said...

I don't "hate" you but I'm strongly disliking you RIGHT NOW! LOL...kidding!!!