Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Our latest thing

Anyone out there watch The Biggest Loser?

Ever wondered what it would be like to have that evil bitch Gillian as a personal trainer?

Well we just found the best thing in exercise ever:

It is fantastic! Ideally you need 2 remote controls (one for each hand) and a balance board and away you go.

It has a whole range of workouts divided into categories such weight loss and strength. Then there are 3 difficulty levels too! The default workouts alternate jogging with other games such as swinging on monkey bars, rowing and loading a cannon. You really have to work at it to do well in these games, let me tell you, especially the Monkey bars! As you would expect, you get heckled by Gillian the whole time you are working out, demanding more effort, more commitment, etc.

I have had 2 short sessions on it and I can feel the difference in my thighs already - and I was pretty proud of my thighs before!

And, of course, it also keeps track of what you have done - time spent, calories burned, weight change (the balance board weighs you) are all recorded for posterity. Hey, you even get to choose what your on-screen character looks like, with a mini Sim-like editor function.

There is only one thing I want to know - why have I not seen this advertised on TV, in the slots in Biggest Loser? We just stumbled on it in the local supermarket!

If you have got a Wii and want to work out, you need this! If you need an excuse to get a Wii, this is it!


agg79 said...

I just need the drill sergeant one to motivate you off the couch and on your feet (You! Get off your butt and get moving!).

Chief Rock Chef said...

This one would have to disable the reset button, of course!

James said...

I would rather get out the house and run or swim....if the woman comes complete with the wii I won't have any room to put her when we are not using it....

terri said...

Does it allow you a continuous workout? One thing that frustrated me with Wii Fit is that the trainer spends so much time talking that it takes one hour to get thirty minutes of exercise.

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - That is the ideal, but it isn't always easy to get out to run and our local pool is so busy it is hard to get any serious swimming done!

Terri - Once you have set up your account, you more or less go straight in and get on with it, You can set how long you want the session to be (either random activities or your own custom set of favourites) and then the only interuptions are when it switches from one activity to the next. Once you know what the activity requires you click to skip the instructions and carry on.

mr zig said...

Hm... if I do it will I look like her? (the chick on the cover? :)) - cuz then I'm not interested. hehe - just kidding - I dunno if I could hack it though - I get tired from playing mario kart on our wii!!!! (works out my arms you know! haha)

Miss Got Wings said...

oh, I so want the Wii. Jillian is my idol!