Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wandering thoughts

When I am cycling, my mind often wanders off on thoughts of its own.

It composes songs that I can't remember when I get home and want to write them down. It meanders back to things that happened many years ago, to people that I had long forgotten. It also plays games.

One of its favourite games is to look at what is written on passing trucks and vans and develop it further. Often this is merely something insulting about the guy driving the van marked "T.W.Builders"....

But yesterday it had a real field day. I saw a truck marked as belonging to "Diva Metal Working". I nearly died with amazement at such a name!

Images of burly metal workers in sequins and feather boas throwing down their tools and shouting:

"That's it, I can't work under these conditions any more!"


"This hat just really isn't working with the rest of my outfit!"


"Amateurs the lot of you!"

What is the best thing you have ever seen on the side of a truck?


Teresa said...

I call that letting my brain "free wheel" and I miss it sooooo much!! I'm always with my children and there's never an opportunity to let my mind wander about needless things...I long for that luxury again. :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - it doesn't last for ever! Your mind will be able to free wheel again!

terri said...

I can't remember anything good I might have ever seen on the side of a truck. Living so near the tracks though, I do see a lot of trains. And I know it's illegal, but the tagging on some of the train cars is amazing to me. Whoever's doing it has some serious skill with a spray paint can and should consider putting their art on canvas!

Michele said...

One would think that I'd have many of these with as much time that I spend on the highways. I know I have seen many that have made me laugh, but of course, I can't remember a single example now that I am being quizzed! :-)

It is good to be an adult and still have a very active imagination. I think it keeps us young!