Thursday, 30 April 2009

All revved up

and no place to go!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my meeting and game on Sunday are now off.

So what to do now?

Mrs RC and I had planned the day out to meet my friend and his wife - we would play our games and then head off for lunch.

So what do we do?

Do we just treat it as another Sunday?

Or do we go out anyway? It has been a long time since we had a day just for ourselves. The kids will be OK, they were all prepared for us to be out anyway...

The weather is looking good. We could go for a ride on our bikes, have a picnic on the beach or in the woods or on clifftops overlooking the sea.

Sounds good to me. But should we do it? Is this selfish? Should we have a family day instead?



After reading the initial comments, I suggested the bike ride and picnic to Mrs RC and she thought it was a great idea. We are heading out along the coast and seeing how far we can get. Should be fun.


agg79 said...

Go for the bike ride & picnic. Take advantage of the weather and invest the time in yourself and Mrs RC.

Selfish? I would call it romantic.

Chief Rock Chef said...

agg79 - Romantic! Yeah, sounds good to me! Thanks!

Wreggie said...

Spend it with the Mrs.

terri said...

Definitely spend the time with Mrs. RC. Like you said, the kids will be fine. It's not selfish. You need to invest in your relationship like that now and then.

mr zig said...

the bike ride sounds GREAT! :)

Marie said...

It's not selfish at all. Hope you both have a wonderful time!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - Agreed - we work very hard at it and its the best it has ever been!

Zig - Yeah, looking forward to it a lot.

Marie - Thanks. If the weather holds it will be wonderful.