Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Easter Saturday.

The only big shop in town.

The queues to the checkouts are serpentine, and everyone wants to be somewhere else.

2 places behind us in the queue is a really obnoxious family - the parents are moaning, the kids are being rude to everyone, including the parents. The father is especially bad, even complaining that the person in between us has a basket, and there are checkouts dedicated to people with baskets... My mind is swimming with names for him and his family, none of them nice. I am starting to wonder what he will find to complain about next, and find it all rather funny.

We reach the checkout.

I start putting stuff onto the conveyer belt. Mrs RC starts to pack.

Suddenly the unthinkable happens.

The obnoxious guy starts to moan about how slowly Mrs RC is packing!

Oopsie! I am nearly bursting by now - this guy clearly knows now boundaries, just like his kids.

Mrs RC stops packing. She puts down the bag. She takes a step towards him and fixes him with her killer stare. I 'm not getting involved, she can handle this guy with one hand.

Other people nearby twig what is going on and start to watch.

The guy is visibly wilting by now, looking at the floor like a naughty 3 year old.

"I can go a lot slower, you know. Shall I do that, or shall I just go back to my packing?"

Silence. Even his vile little brats don't know what to say.

We continue through the checkout with no further incident.

Why isn't shopping always this much fun?


agg79 said...

Bravo. Sounds like Mrs RC is a woman not to be trifled with.

I don't mind shopping. It's the people that annoy me. That's why I try to do mine at off hours (or on line, if possible). Of course, when I do go to the store, I typically wind up with the slowest checker, behind someone who has 5 more items that he is supposed to have in his cart, or in front of the family of noisy baboons.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Mrs RC is definitely not to be trifled with. This is the woman who spent 2 days uprooting a bunch of small trees that a professional had said his TEAM needed 2 weeks to do!

Ali said...

So, I now have a monster crush on Mrs RC - as if I didn't have one before.
The two of us should go shopping together, we could put everyone in their place!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali - both of you displaying attitude in the same place at the same time - I'm not sure the fabric of the universe could handle that! :-)

Jen said...

Nicely done Mrs. RC! G'on gurl! Give it to them!

I went to the grocery on Easter Sunday too thinking it would be like a ghost town. . . bad thinking on my part!

I ran into the SAME rude people, but this time there were what seemed like 100's of them down every aisle; around every bend; in every corner - no where was safe! All I could really do to keep my brain from exploding and leaking out my left ear down to my cleverly stiletto'd feet, was to smile & say something nice to each rude being I passed. Along with a nice deep breath . . . maybe I should have eaten some of the homemade salsa then?!


Chief Rock Chef said...

Jen - Salsa breath would have been good! But the smile often works - for some people it is like a ray of hope and they realise that it will end...

terri said...

Oh, I like Mrs. RC. I like her a LOT! I want to be brave like that!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - Oh, I'm sure you could do it! When you do make sure you blog about it!

Kiki said...

Mrs. RC is a badass...I love it, I wish she would shop in my store and set some customers straight!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Kiki - It must be hard from your side of the counter - if you step in you run the risk of complaints to head office and all the crap that goes with it. You gave me an idea for a post!